COVID-19 UPDATE: Coronavirus Positive Patients can use Sargas' Remote Monitoring platform to free up hospital beds and Medical Staff

Sargas Remote Monitoring technology, with FDA's latest guidance helps monitor COVID-19 positive patients' body temperature, oxygen saturations, blood pressures, and heart rates while on home isolation.
By: Sargas International
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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - March 31, 2020 - PRLog -- "Sargas International is providing remote monitoring of Coronavirus COVID-19 positive patients via it's Chronic Care Management Cloud® Technology that are kept in isolation," said Git Patel, CEO of Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance (SPAC) International. "This will help reduce the burden on hospitals and care providers, while providing safer home care for COVID-19 positive patients." Patient's with smart phones can use Bluetooth Pulse oximeter (which we can provide), blood pressure monitor, and wearables (e.g. Apple watch, fit bit) to automatically log their vitals into our system. Our telehealth physicians can then monitor for O2 saturations approaching less than 92%, make contact with the patients, and direct them to the emergency department as needed. If patient's do not have cell phones, they can enter their data from their device or a case manager can call and get the data to input in the cloud so that our team can monitor. In this war against COVID-19, Sargas is making this platform available to all hospitals, healthcare providers and COVID-19 patients.

Hospitals and providers can sign up at

Coronavirus Positive Patients can sign up at

Please select Remote Patient Monitoring from the drop down under services and include your email, address, phone number and physician name to activate.

"SPAC Chronic Care Management Physician, Patient and Pharmacy Portals® are ONCHIT certified, and all the physiologic data uploaded to our platform comes from FDA approved health monitoring devices as per the latest FDA guidance. CMS started reimbursing for Remote Patient Physiological Monitoring effective January of last year and they have allowed for general supervision starting from January 2020, where Sargas' certified case managers can monitor the patient's vital health data," continued Git Patel.

About Sargas International:
Interoperability developed through Sargas Chronic Care Management Cloud® Portals, Drug Adherence®, Medication Therapy Monitoring® (MTM), Sargas mHealth technologies and compassionate clinical call center help achieve the Triple Aim in healthcare by improving patient experience, health and reducing per capita cost of health care. This helps us in making Oncology Care Model (OCM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Principal Care Management (PCM), Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) Transition Care Management (TCM), and Oncology Care First (OCF) Model feasible, scalable and sustainable.


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