Swag Soft Shares Their Experience of Creating a Gamified Training App

Samsung E-training Game
Samsung E-training Game
MARINA BAY, Singapore - March 26, 2020 - PRLog -- In the recent article, a prominent mobile app development company in Singapore has shared the experience of creating a training app for Samsung floor salesmen. The app leveraged the elements of gamification to boost employee engagement and proved a real success: it was used by the company to train its staff for four consecutive product updates.

The gamified enterprise app helped Samsung to tackle a number of business challenges:
  • Cost of training
To train its floor salesmen in new products, the company had to rent the premises for familiarization seminars and prepare materials. Training employees via a mobile app cut those expenses.
  • Employees discouragement with the training seminars
The seminars took the salesmen away from stores, which meant they lost the chance to earn a commission that day. What is more, offline training could not adapt to the learning pace of each professional. The gamified enterprise app turned out to be an excellent tool for engaging users and increasing employee efficiency.
  • Weak training stimuli
The Samsung Floor Salesmen Hero app helped to implement great incentives for training: passing a quiz, users earned coins that could be used for spinning a slot machine and compete for the grant price. The access to coworkers' scores made the training environment competitive.
  • No oversight of the staff learning efforts
The application let the company maintain clear statistics on the training time and quizzes success scores, which allowed the company to analyze and optimize the training materials.

Overall, the gamified training app developed by Swag Soft did not only make the process of training more effective but also boosted employee experience. Being an experienced game development company with a strong understanding of enterprise mobility, Swag Soft decided to share other creative ideas on how to drive employee experience with the help of mobile apps gamification.

Increasing Employee Experience Through Mobile Apps: Expert Ideas

Here are 7 creative ideas that will give companies actionable tips on how to use mobile app development to increase employee experience:

  1. Develop an enterprise app for team communication and task management
  2. Use an app to onboard new employees and answer frequently asked questions
  3. Run app-based employee surveys and leave room for employee feedback and innovation suggestions
  4. Create a gamified app that would demonstrate career development options and provide vocational training
  5. Use an enterprise app to schedule and execute career development training
  6. Improve managers' skills providing them with relevant training and interactive cases to resolve
  7. Use an enterprise app to implement an employee loyalty program

These and other ideas will help companies from various industries cater to the needs of the staff, improve corporate morale, and embark on the journey towards enterprise mobility.


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