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New Book Release: "8 Ways to Declutter Your Brain"
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8 Ways To Declutter Your Brain
8 Ways To Declutter Your Brain
NEW YORK - March 17, 2020 - PRLog -- Is your mind racing with repetitive fearful, critical, and energy-draining thoughts that you can't turn off? Author, Theresa Puskar traveled the world for answers and discovered 8 Ways to Declutter Your Brain that consistently work. The simple steps open the mind to new forms of innovation, compassion and self-love.

By shifting from your cluttered mind to your extraordinary heart, you'll be able to say "Yes" to the life you were meant to live. You'll be able to get out of your own way and live in the joy of the present moment and create the legacy you were born to live.

In 8 Ways to Declutter Your Brain you will learn how to:

• Shift from reactivity to liberating proactivity

• Shift your mindset from poverty consciousness to enduring abundance

• Make peace with yourself, understanding the source of your anger

• Release loneliness and build heart-based relationships

• Transform exhaustion and paralysis into ingenious energy

• Silence your inner critic…and so much more!

"I personally know the author and endorse her and her work. She's walked on the hot coals of life and she's transcended the mediocracy of the mundane. She's learned how to declutter the mind, and now she wants to share this wisdom with you. How do you handle the nightmares of life? By awakening. This book reveals how. Turn the pages and…Expect Miracles." Dr. Joe Vitale, NY Times Best Selling Author

It's time to put yourself first! Click here to take your 5-minute Brain Clutter Inventory questionnaire to learn more about how much space you can create in your brain.

Readers are also provided with a link to 37 emotional inventory questionnaires, meditations and guided visualizations to help them uncover the gems hidden in their brain clutter.

8 Ways to Declutter Your Brain is published by G&D Media and is available at Amazon and other fine retailers. The digital edition is available on Apple (iBook) and other major digital platforms.

"We are excited to introduce Theresa Puskar on this unique and powerful new product that supports personal growth on a much deeper and more intimate level," said G&D Media CEO Gilles Dana. "By purchasing 8 Ways to Declutter Your Brain now, readers can also redeem the unique opportunity to access free online meditations and visualizations that can propel them from the toxic stress of brain overload to a deep sense of joy and inner peace."


(paperback) 9781722502669

(eBook) 9781722523602

About the Author:

THERESA PUSKAR is a highly skilled transformation leader, author, performer and keynote speaker. As an unabashed truth speaker and inspirational teacher, she is delighted to spread causeless joy throughout the world. With a background as a professional television and stage actress, she incorporates refreshingly blatant candor, deep passion and soul-piercing stories throughout her communications. With over two decades of experience as a motivational audio book producer and author, she provides her readers with magical and mystical anecdotes, experiential exercises and practical applications to assist them with fun-filled ways of moving forward in their lives.

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