Type 1 diabetic speaks about type 3 diabetes

California Lions Clubs State Diabetes Chairperson speaks to California Lions members at annual state convention about a new type of diabetes.
California Lions State Convention
California Lions State Convention
IRVINE, Calif. - March 4, 2020 - PRLog -- The halls of the Visalia Convention Center were buzzing recently with news of a new type of diabetes. Everyone attending the first day of the California Lions Clubs State Convention was curious. Lions Clubs members from across the state were intrigued by this new — and unheard of — type of diabetes.  Several physicians attending the convention were puzzled when they were asked, "What is type 3 diabetes?

Then, Lions, physicians and others in healthcare assembled in the San Joaquin conference room, where Brian Ballard was scheduled to speak about the psychology of diabetes.

During his presentation, Ballard spoke about how mental wellness is important to people with diabetes. "Stress can contribute to unstable blood sugar," he said. "Many diabetics are constantly worried about complications from diabetes such as kidney disease, diabetic retinopathy and stroke. Sometime diabetics have a sense of hopelessness, having done everything right but not achieving the glucose numbers that others seem to dwell on." He encouraged the crowd to support people with diabetes, so they can conquer stress-related effects on the disease.

Ballard went on to define the mysterious Type 3 Diabetic. Type 3 diabetics are the friends and family of the diabetic patient. Type 3 diabetics consider themselves the diabetes police and treat their diabetic loved ones as near criminals.

To further complicate matters, their support can be inconsistent. One moment, the type 3 diabetic commands, "You should not eat that!" and then, later, "Here, have a little piece of pie. This won't hurt you." Ballard explained, "Life happens, and Type 3 diabetics should not demand unrealistic goals."

Ballard also commented on a couple other diabetes-related terms — two that are often misused: Compliant and Non-Compliant. Many physicians, healthcare professionals and type 3 diabetics use this label. People with diabetes are not breaking any laws. The sheer mention of these words can send a diabetic's blood PRESSURE through the roof. To this, Ballard added another term: diabetic etiquette. "This is important for Type 3 diabetics to know about," he said. Ballard went on to describe the ten rules of diabetic etiquette. To learn more about stress as it relates to diabetes and diabetic etiquette, visit his website at: Stress and Diabetes.

Ballard has been a Type 1 diabetic for more than 45 years. He's currently serving as the California Lions Clubs State Diabetes Chairperson.  Over the years, Brian has been heavily involved in diabetes education, advocacy, awareness and support groups. "I consider it my life's calling, inspiring people with diabetes to embrace their condition so they can live happy and healthy lives."

Brian Ballard


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