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Removes All Colors. Gentle on Skin. Less Treatments than Laser.
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Non Laser Tattoo Removal
Non Laser Tattoo Removal
ST AUGUSTINE, Fla. - March 4, 2020 - PRLog -- Introducing a new method of non-laser tattoo removal for 2020!


Is it time to remove that tattoo that is no longer desired?  Have you tried other methods to remove tattoos such as saline, salt or lasers and are not satisfied?

People need tattoos removed for many reasons.
  • Jobs or military restrictions  
  • The change in the shape of the eyebrows or fashion trends
  • Evolution of the pigment in the skin
  • Poor execution of PMU or Microblading
  • Camouflage (skin color) correction
  • Multiple layers of pigment in the skin
Though laser tattoo removal has been historically the choice to remove tattoos, it still has a hard time removing yellows, white, bluish and greenish colors.  If the pigment contained Titanium Dioxide (camouflage or cover up pigments) it may be impossible to eliminate from the skin, UNTIL NOW!

Introducing a new process called PhiRemoval (tattoo removal).  This process uses  Glycolic and Enzyme solutions to effectively remove all colors including Titanium Dioxide in as little as 2 - 3 treatments.  This treatment is safe for almost all skin types and is extremely gentle on the skin. This process preserves the integrity of the skin so the skin remains as healthy as possible.

This technique extracts the pigment from the skin instead of processing it through the lymph system.  Some people do not want the heavy metals processing through their bodies.  This process is becoming todays top option all across America and the world.  As people are becoming more aware of all the negative impacts of chemicals processing through their bodies they are choosing options that are more health friendly.

PhiRemoval Tattoo Removal is a great option for those who just received a micro-blading treatment and would either like it removed or corrected.

If you feel you would like a complimentary consultation call them at 386-243-5883 or visit their website to learn more or book online at Aesthetic Studio.


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