Solutions for Airborne Coronavirus, Tuberculosis, Measles and Influenza

COVID-19 transmission in healthcare settings requires swift intervention to protect patients, visitors and staff. AeroMed has decades of environmental infection control experience and has solution packages tailored to your specific needs. Our HEPA air purifiers and upper room germicidal ultraviolet lights are ideal for isolation rooms and congregate settings.
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AeroMed Infinity Upper Room Germicidal UV
AeroMed Infinity Upper Room Germicidal UV
AMSTERDAM, N.Y. - Feb. 24, 2020 - PRLog -- The focus on infectious pathogens has never been higher. New diseases such as COVID-19 and old nemesis such as tuberculosis, influenza and measles dominate our concerns.  Healthcare-associated infections are a risk to patients, visitors and staff alike.

COVID-19 has drawn our focus, once again, to the increased risk that is present in healthcare facilities.  Once viewed as a haven for healing, healthcare facilities have become feared as harmful hosts! It is likely that COVID-19 can spread through the air like its close relatives SARS and MERS.  Patients with contagious diseases that may be airborne, could sit in waiting areas for extended periods of time prior to being diagnosed.   This may put other patients, visitors and staff at risk.  AeroMed can help you reduce the concentration of viable infectious particles in the air, and by doing so, reduce the risk of airborne transmission in these settings.

AeroMed has been providing airborne infection control solutions to healthcare facilities since its inception in 1992.  AeroMed has a broad selection of products, services and technologies allowing us to custom design a solutions package that fits the unique needs of your healthcare facility.  AeroMed's products include upper room germicidal ultraviolet lights (UR GUV), portable and permanently installed HEPA air purifiers, room pressure monitors, and sputum induction booths.  This wide array of solutions is unparalleled in the healthcare industry.

How AeroMed can help:

·        Risk reduction in congregate settings using upper room GUV or HEPA air purifiers.  The greatest risk of disease transmission exists where undiagnosed patients share space with others.  AeroMed technologies can reduce the concentration of airborne disease-causing microbes in these settings.

·        Creation of negative pressure, airborne isolation rooms using portable, ceiling mounted, ducted or wall mounted HEPA air purifiers.  AeroMed matches the appropriate air purifier to your specific needs.

·        Room pressure monitors for negative pressure, airborne isolation rooms, continuously monitor room performance.

·        Aerosol treatment chambers for diagnostic sputum induction may be required.  During previous coronavirus outbreaks, active case finding of patients with respiratory illnesses resulted in the identification of undiagnosed tuberculosis patients.

To learn more about how AeroMed can help you restore your facility's reputation as a haven for healing, please either visit our web site or call us at 1.518.843.3500


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