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MAX Industrial Microwave manufacture the vertical batch oven and belt conveyor machine for drying, heating, curing, roasting, re-heating and sterilization etc. Our machines are used for many applications including food, ceramic, herbs, pulp board,wood, chemical material, insects and rubber material.
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Conveyor Tunnel Microwave Machine
Conveyor Tunnel Microwave Machine
YANTAI, China - Jan. 15, 2020 - PRLog -- Back to 2019, we supply many industrial microwave machines both batch oven, tunnel conveyor´╝îcylinder model and unique design. MAX Industrial Microwave is used for drying, heating, roasting, curing and sterilization etc.

The model of machine is from mini size 2kw to large size 300kw. Our engineer and sale team are dedicated to serve each machine not only for the quality of machine but also for the after-sale service.

The Microwave Machine Applications

1. Food Sterilization and Heating----- Heat Freeze Ready Box Meal. Sterilize Packing Food. Puff Food Make a Great Looking.

2. Herbal & Spice Sterilization----Distribute Energy to Every Single Molecule Control Aerobic Plate Count as well as Minimize Discoloration.

3. Chemical Material Drying----Fast, Environmentally Friendly Efficiently Reach a Low Moisture Content.

4. Wood Dehydration----Quickly Balance Final Wood Moisture Suits for 25% Moisture Content Wood or Timber.

5. Insects Microwave Drying and Sterilization----Dry Insects for Animal Feed or Edible Purpose.

6. Ceramic Drying & Sintering---- Dry Ceramic Powder or Sintering Ceramic Products.

7. Pulp & Fiber Microwave Drying---- Corrugated Board, Cupboard, Paper Tube.

8. Tea & Flower De-enzyme ---- D-enzyme Green Tea and Rose Flower.

9. Agriculture and Grain Pasteurization-----Kill Insect & Larva and Dehydrate Agriculture & Grain to A Lower Moisture Content.

10. Pharmaceutical Microwave Heating----Solid Medicine, Powder Medicine, Pills, Reagent, Troche and Chinese Herbal Ingredients are also Available for Microwave drying.

11. Construction Material Drying---- Gypsum Board, Glass Magnesium Board and Insulation Board.

12. Powder Drying---- Mineral Powder (Lead, zinc, tungsten copper), Starch Powder (Corn Starch and Cassava Starch), Battery Powder and Other Type of Power.

13. Nut Roasting-----Peanut, Soybean and other Nuts Roasting & Drying etc.

14. Rubber Curing----Convert Liquid Rubber to Solid Rubber.

15. Latex Material Drying----Latex Pillow and Mattress Drying.

16. Microwave Thawing Machine----beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, pork, fish and all kinds of pet food meat and other products.

In 2020, MAX Industrial Microwave will continuously serve our clients to manufacture a high-quality microwave machine to worldwide.


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