More than just a REALTOR, Bri Peele's marketing innovates home sales in Brevard County!

Bri Peele, real estate marketing expert and REALTOR, utilizes marketing strategies to locate the most opportune buyers (local, statewide, and international) for homeowners looking to sell their property quickly for top dollar—earning the reputation of real estate master marketer!
By: Fischer Realty
MELBOURNE, Fla. - Dec. 15, 2019 - PRLog -- If you are buying or selling real estate in Brevard County FL and haven't heard of the name Bri Peele already, it's shocking! Few REALTORs today are seeing the type of success she's seen; and she attributes it all to creating unique marketing campaigns for each property and targeting marketing to the most opportune buyer.

Imagine listing a house with a REALTOR whose marketing strategies are stuck in the 1990s--a sign in the front yard, baking cookies in the oven, and having open houses every Saturday morning. Since the introduction of sites like Zillow or, consumers feel confident they know everything there is to know about a property without even stepping inside. Couple that with real estate inventory sitting around 3,400, consumers can easily be overwhelmed and confused by options.

Bri Peele has been able to break through "information overload" and bring simplicity back to the table. Why are buyers excited to work with her? Here's why. When a buyer explains they have teenage grandchildren living in the home with them, Bri would match them to properties with a first-floor master and secondary bedrooms upstairs or a split floor plan. Why show them anything else when ultimately, they will buy the property that adds the most value to their lifestyle?

Why are sellers lining up to work with her? There are two major reasons. First, her free consultation is a huge draw for homeowners. Frankly, we all know that there are some properties that will easily sell once they are on the market. In a consultation, Bri will tell you if you have one of those homes and the cheapest method to get it listed rather than offer to list the property herself.

Secondly, Bri utilizes unheard of marketing strategies which are widely successful. It's not hard to attain 99-106% of asking price when she markets directly to the buyers who want and need the property. This is why she's been successful selling the properties most REALTORs shy away from—homes for celebrities, luxury estates, waterfront, golf course, and high-end vacation rentals. When Bri is called out for the consultation, she is able to show examples of the marketing strategy she will use to bring in 30-40 offers on the property.

We asked Bri why she does business this way because it certainly is not the norm. She said, "Well, I have worked in marketing for a long time. I know that marketing is the key to selling for the maximum profit. As a REALTOR, I feel it my job to market the property—its what I'm paid to do. So things like staging, paying to fly out of state or international buyers to the property, or launching a unique marketing campaign are quite literally what I'm hired to do. It's not the expense of the homeowner—it's my expense because I'm the one who is supposed to market this property for sale. I invest my own money into the projects I know I can sell quickly at or above asking price; and that's why I only take on 10 at a time. I am heavily invested with my projects—literally putting my money where my mouth is and providing guarantee of my results in writing."

Before becoming a REALTOR, Bri worked with the nation's largest banks to market their most undesirable assets. When asked how that experience impacts how she runs her own business today, Bri said "In my past career, I realized that local marketing does not work for everything. When I started to think 'who is going to buy this asset?', it was a game changer. I got into the mind of the buyer and I knew how to market to them, what words would draw them out, and how to get my product in front of them. Having an impressive product means nothing if no one knows it's available. After making that change in mindset, I went from seeking out buyers to having buyers in waiting! I've plugged into the same for Brevard County's real estate and Orlando vacation rentals; and it's had amazing results for my clients."

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About Bri Peele of Fischer Realty:

Bri Peele brings marketing expertise to the real estate industry in Brevard County and Orlando FL to help clients with very specific housing requirements or sellers of mid to high end properties. Her specialties include celebrity homes, luxury estates, properties valued $450,000+, waterfront, golf communities, and Orlando vacation rentals. To reach Bri Peele, contact her at (321) 614-0019 or by email at

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