North Carolina "We Buy Houses Cash" Company Reveals 30 Ways to Find Heavily Discounted, Off-Market Properties, Even in a Strong Market Like Today's

From the experiences of a 15-year Homebuyer, these are some of the best ways to find the very hottest deals, even in a hot market like today's.
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we buy bargain properties for cash
we buy bargain properties for cash
MOORESVILLE, N.C. & STATESVILLE, N.C. - Dec. 14, 2019 - PRLog -- Property Solutions, LLC, Statesville and surrounding areas' premier "We Buy Houses Cash" company, for the first time ever, revels it's top 30 strategies to find properties at bargain-basement prices, even in a strong Seller's Market.

"I am frequently asked something along the lines of 'How do you find good deals in a strong market like Charlotte today'" says company owner and Chief Homebuyer Lou Gimbutis.  "While a strong Seller's Market can make truly great deals harder to find, people will always need to sell, and these are some of our best ways of finding them."

"I buy and sell houses for a living," states company owner Lou Gimbutis, "and each lead from a 'Motivated Seller' is worth its weight in gold.  Here are some of my top strategies for generating highly motivated seller leads:

1.      Business Cards.

2.      Bandit signs (signs by the road or on telephone poles).

3.      Online PPC (pay per click) advertising like Google Adwords.

4.      Contacting people in pre-foreclosure.

5.      Mailing to out of state property owners.

6.      Contacting the owners of abandoned houses.

7.      Newspaper ads (far less relevant in major newspapers, look for cheap or free papers).

8.      Realtors (or MLS access if you have it).

9.      Online property sites like Craigslist, Zillow, and

10.  Mailing to people who have recently evicted a tenant.

11.  Doing a mass mailings right around the time property tax bills come due.

12.  Auctions (on-site and online).

13.  Mailing to heirs of deceased property owners (tread tactfully).

14.  Networking with other investors (local Real Estate Investor's Association).

15.  Mailing to the city's Code Violation list.

16.  Television or radio ads (much cheaper than you think if you stay local).

17.  "We Buy Houses" signs on your vehicle (don't forget your phone number!).

18.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website.

19.  Speak for local organizations (ie: "How to Sell a Property in 9 Days".

20.  Volunteer for charities like Habitat for Humanity and Purple Heart Homes.

21.  Social media (presence and paid advertising).

22.  Paying someone to put flyers on doors in a neighborhood (not in mailboxes).

23.  Fire damaged house (call the local fire department, or watch the newspapers).

24.  Your email signature.  Think of how many emails you send out.  Set it up to automatically ensure that each email recipient knows that you buy houses, and pay cash for referrals.

25.  "I buy Houses" t-shirts and jackets (drape the whole family in them, think of the exposure!)

26.  Network with Mortgage Brokers (if someone calls them because they can't afford their current house and needs to find another, that makes a perfect lead for you"!

27.  Chamber of Commerce and other business networking events.

28.  Network with probate attorneys (they are often in contact with heirs faced with a court order to sell).

29.  Browse bankruptcy filings.  Many houses originally included in a bankruptcy filing eventually end up being sold when the owner is unable to keep up with the payments or other terms of the bankruptcy.

30.  Online directories.  Many online directories have categories that people turn to when locating a plumber, electrician, and yes, even a Real Estate Investor!

These are only a fraction of the ways to find properties you can buy with a heavy discount, but some of the very best!  For a sample of a strong "buying" website with many usable resources, visit my We Buy Houses Website,

Lou Gimbutis, owner of Property Solutions, LLC, where we pay Cash for Houses, Cash for Mobile Homes, and We Stop Foreclosure,  has been buying and selling houses full-time since 2004, first in Michigan, then after moving to NC in 2007.  He serves as Director of Education for the Metrolina Real Estate Investor's Association.


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