New Book Release, Miss Emma from Silverlake

Who doesn't love to snuggle in their favorite chair by the fire reading a book that takes them on a journey into the unknown? This delightfully inspiring Christmas story will bring out the child that perhaps we only dreamed we could be.
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Miss Emma from Silverlake Book Cover
Miss Emma from Silverlake Book Cover
ORLANDO, Fla. - Dec. 1, 2019 - PRLog -- Yvonne G. Williams has authored numerous non-fiction books that inspire readers to desire wholeness from their walk of faith for over 20 years, yet her secret desire to write novels spawned Miss Emma from Silverlake. "Even though the (sometimes) arduous task of writing non-fiction inspirational books would leave me with a sense of expectancy, I wanted to reach into my soul and write a novel that could give readers an experience; one with characters of innocent abandon," Williams said about book #1 in the projected Miss Emma trilogy. "Novels can give us a life experience that we might not get any other way, especially if the premise and the characters are believable."

Writers are asked all the time where the inspiration for their books comes from. Williams states, "I was having lunch with my aunt not long after I decided to take the leap from non-fiction to fiction. She shared a story about a little girl that had been her neighbor many years earlier. The child sounded enchanting with a whimsical flare about her; Shirley Temple like. As my aunt spoke, an epiphany crossed my mind: a little girl visits to a town that had become wearied from life and breathes faith back into it. Miss Emma from Silverlake was conceived."

The premise of Miss Emma from Silverlake: One wintry night, a mysterious little stranger appears on the door steps of the Silverlake Orphanage carrying only a suitcase and a sassy attitude. Little Miss Emma, on assignment from God, turns lives upside down and backwards as she struggles to convince Miss Hoopy, overseer of eleven orphans and a dog named Muffin, that she is an angel and must live among them as she works to fulfill her assignment to save the orphanage; an answer to the prayers of Miss Mary, matriarch and co-founder of the orphanage.

Angels, Lucas and Serinda, assist their protégé in acting like a nine-year-old human child ultimately turning unbelief to faith and mending hearts along the way. As written in the book, Emma would not allow anyone to not be her friend. No one knew the price that Emma paid to restore their lives that Christmas.

Preview Miss Emma from Silverlake and request the first four chapters, or purchase your copy in paper back or Kindle edition.


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