Copper Hospital Bed Study Shows 90% Reduction on HAI Bacteria Counts

A new published report from Science Daily shows a 90%+ reduction of bacteria levels from copper rail hospital beds. The copper kills all forms of bacteria and viruses within hours thus reducing "hospital acquired illnesses" "HAI's" by over 90%.
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SAN DIEGO - Nov. 12, 2019 - PRLog -- Copper is a  material which over thousands of years has been known to have sterilization properties and a new published study shows that copper hospital beds and more specifically copper bed rails can reduce infectious disease outbreaks and "HAI" infections (Hospital Acquired Illness) by over 90%.

The study published in "Applied and Environmental Microbiology" shows that plastic surfaces on a hospital bed were among the highest places for bacteria in patient rooms and were the most common place to find bacteria counts at unsafe levels. The report also shows that once copper was applied to the bed rails, bed foot boards and other parts of the bed the bacteria counts were reduced by over 90%. The copper coating has been found to kill MRSA, norovirus and other pathogens. These materials damage bacterial DNA and respiration, leading to cell breakdown, and inactivate certain viruses, often within hours according to an article in "Modern Healthcare".

The "copper" hospital bed is made up of replacing bed rails and hospital bed foot boards and exchanging them with copper coated rails and boards. This exchange of bed rails and foot boards allows hospitals to upgrade their hospital bed fleet and reduce "HAI's" (hospital acquired illness) rates and also infectious disease outbreaks. Other copper related products found in patient rooms are also being sold including copper toilet seats, copper door knobs, copper coasted curtains and other related products also helping to lower bacteria counts.

One hospital bed company in San Diego California and Richmond Virginia is offering a "copper hospital bed" upgrade package that replaces the patient bed rails and foot boards with a new copper coated option. The new "copper hospital bed" allows hospitals to upgrade current bed models without having to buy brand new medical beds.

The copper bed rails can be switched out on any hospital bed made by Hill Rom and Stryker and includes the Hill Rom P1600 Advanta, Hill Rom P3200 Versacare, Hill Rom P1900 Totalcare, Hill Rom CareAssist ES, Hill Rom Advanta 2 and also maternity bed models including the Hill Rom Affinity 3 and Affinity 4 bed models. Stryker hospital bed models include the Stryker MPS 3000, Stryker Secure 2, Stryker Secure 3, Stryker InTouch bed and also the Stryker maternity bed model the LD304. By upgrading the hospital bed rails the hospital is immediately able to reduce bacteria counts and "HAI" infections. According to Michael G. Schmidt, professor of microbiology and immunology, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston "HAI" infections are responsible for over two million illnesses and over one hundred thousand deaths per year. Those deaths are "roughly equivalent to the number of deaths if a wide-bodied jet crashed every day," said  Schmidt.

For hospitals and medical centers the findings are substantial and getting this new copper surface into patient rooms is a matter of finding money in budgets and researching the data. Grinnell (Iowa) Regional Medical Center, a 49-bed rural hospital has implemented the copper on not just the bed rails but also on door knobs, toilet seats, soap dishes and other parts of patient rooms and have seen a reduction in bacteria levels in over 88% of the rooms with the upgrades. One key factor to note is that many rooms even when empty are having high bacteria counts even when patients are not in the rooms. Finding ways to keep bacteria counts low after cleaning and before patients are admitted into these rooms is also a challenge. As time goes on and more research and data is published it is very possible that many medical devices and items like hospital beds, stretchers, IV poles and equipment will be sold new with copper alloy coatings saving thousands of lives and also reducing illness and healthcare costs for treating and paying for infectious disease outbreaks.

For more information on copper hospital beds, copper bed rails and other copper related products for hospitals and patient rooms contact iMedical Equipment and Service at the numbers below. California (858) 263-4894 Virginia (804) 929-6886. You can also see a video and more photos of the copper beds and bed rail technology in the link below.

iMedical Equipment and Service sells copper hospital bed upgrades and parts including the bed rails, foot boards and also copper door knobs, copper toilet seat covers and other items for hospital patient rooms. Contact us for copper hospital bed prices, bed rail prices
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