Astor Capital Fund to Expand Alternate Energy Division Globally

By: Astor Capital Fund Ltd
NEW YORK - Oct. 11, 2019 - PRLog -- Astor Capital Fund has long shown a focused dedication and commitment to long term investing in alternative energy. With the announcement of a potential $45M initiative through the fund's Alternate Energy Group just a week ago, and this new plan to expand globally, it certainly puts a fine point on Astor's very real commitment to adopting a global perspective on energy investing. Moreover, it's good business. All banks have at least "claimed" in recent years to commit to an "about-turn" move away from the mere mention of fossil fuel investments. Still, it's a slow burn. But Astor Capital Fund has always led the way even before energy was the word on everyone's lips.

Over the past decade, the alternate energy group has channeled millions in financing to low-carbon and sustainable business activities across the globe. The investment team made up of a group of experts in energy and investing, is devoted to providing seed or growth capital to small and mid-sized companies in the alternative energy sector. Astor services both traditional companies and those that offer alternative solutions, such as energy storage, production and alternative technology.

Generally, Astor's approach to global business and wealth management internationally, over time, has been perceived by some as exhibiting of leadership within the industry. The expansion to include alternate energy products and services on a larger, more global scale, further solidifies and represents to the financial sector, that Astors' great commitment to change, is leading the way in energy and green investing.

Banks are following the example.

According to an article in gtm: (green tech media), the trend for banks is finally moving toward alternative energy investment, but it's slow, with fossil fuel investments still taking the lead. Banks are feeling the pressure though. The article points in part, to a slow move in the financial industry, It states, "Some of the world's largest pools of capital, including institutional investors managing more than $17 trillion in assets, now see climate change as an investment priority. In the U.S., financial institutions could double their planned investments in renewable energy by 2030. At the same time, 60 percent of Fortune 100 companies have set goals to increase the use of renewable energy in their operations. Adoption of corporate wind and solar power-purchase agreements has accelerated.

Said Astor Capital Fund CEO, in a statement reminiscent of his comments last week when asked about  the $45M alternate energy initiative, "We understand the position we hold globally. We see the urgency and we will do our best to honor our clients, shareholders, and investors, while moving toward alternative energy investments, and under the purview of global investors on a world stage. A challenge to be certain, but we are up for the task."

Said Stefan Fredriksen, Managing Director, Europe, "Our plans for the alternate energy group are to cross-connect and create opportunities for both the global wealth management teams and the energy groups, in our efforts to expand.  The alternate energy initiative is a first step, but the expansion to global investment banking as it pertains to investing in green business, means we have an opportunity to better serve our high-net worth clientele regionally and nationally, but while keeping an eye on the global changes in investing as they happen."

The Astor Capital Fund has among its focus areas, The Alternate Energy group. This division has extensive involvement in every corner of the alternative energy market, including energy generation, power grid ancillary services, energy/fuel logistics and distribution, tax credits, and green attribute / renewable energy credits. Visit Astor Capital Fund for more information.

Stefan Fredriksen
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