Doosan Machine Tools Selects MachBase Time-Series Database for Enhanced Edge Computing Capabilities

Smart Factories in Asia are Driving Time-Series Database Adoption
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MACHBASE, The Database for Edge Managed Platforms
MACHBASE, The Database for Edge Managed Platforms
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Sept. 19, 2019 - PRLog -- MachBaseâ„¢, the database for edge-managed computing platforms, announced that Doosan Machine Tools has chosen MachBase's time-series database to reduce downtime and derive edge data value from their machine tools.

"When Doosan looked for software that could handle huge amounts of data on hardware with low computing specifications, Hadoop was not a good fit," said MachBase CEO and founder, Andrew Kim. "Choosing MachBase and its high-speed, high volume time-series data capture capabilities enables their machine tools to store and analyze data at rates of hundreds of thousands per sec. MachBase's time-series database can be easily built into the machine tool predictive maintenance system, allowing more in-depth views of previously invisible data."

Reducing downtime increases productivity, and the machine tool is at the center of it

These days, the machine tool itself has a built-in system that predicts conditions through sensors that are already attached. However, until recently most machine tool systems had no function for diagnosing the health of the machine, other than machining. This only made it possible to identify the cause of the performance problem on the equipment itself after failure.

In optimal conditions, the machine tool needs to know the unit (main shaft state) after viewing the characteristics of the vibration of the rotating shaft, the amplifier for supplying the motor (current supply), and the output voltage. The key to machine tool service is to collect and analyze an enormous amount of sensor data from these motors, amplifiers and rotating shafts smoothly and very quickly.

"This is a perfect fit and ideal integration of MachBase. The world's top machine tools firms are currently exploring a new era using edge computing, and Doosan Machine Tools has been at the forefront, developing innovative machine tool services for years," said Joseph Rothman, MachBase COO. "MachBase is leading the way for global manufacturing services in Korea and around the world with edge computing, ahead of its competitors."

As the incidence of smart factories in Asia increases, in Korea especially, and data experience increases in competing industries, the adoption of time-series databases is accelerating. The technology of making machine tools is also a measure of smart factories and industrial development in each country, thus building the foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in these countries.

About Doosan
Doosan Machine Tools Co. LTD has been a global leader of the machine industry on the strength its own technological prowess ever since its inception in 1976.

About MachBase
MachBase, the database for edge managed platforms, is a columnar DBMS tailored to process machine data, the time series log data generated from IoT machines.


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