Inzata Analytics' Newest Tool for Data Analysis Automation: InFlow

Inzata's InFlow Technology
Inzata's InFlow Technology
TAMPA, Fla. - Aug. 2, 2019 - PRLog -- Introducing, Inzata's InFlow: An automated data pipeline workflow tool created to provide real-time analytics without the need for SQL, ETL, or any other manual coding.

This tool - included on Inzata's platform - gives you the power to create repeatable data pipeline workflows for self-service analytics & reporting automation. Quickly automate tedious tasks, such as the creation of derived fields, concatenation and dissolving of fields, joining of datasets into a single file, adding event flags, etc.

On a broader level, InFlow lets you run workflows to do entire "projects," such as creating custom marketing lead lists, transforming and cleaning data during system migrations, connecting to any streaming data source and loading filtered results for modeling and analysis, and much more.

Organize any amount of data from across your organization and third-party sources, then successfully blend and integrate that data to create custom & interactive views and insights for key metric reporting to share with colleagues, customers, prospects, etc.

We created InFlow to empower citizen data scientists and analysts by combining data prep, data blending, and analytics using the same intuitive user interface. Say goodbye to manual coding, say hello to InFlow.

Watch a video here!


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