Casso-Solar Technologies Introduces the SentryGlas™ Trim Table

Casso-Solar Technologies introduces a revolutionary SentryGlas™ glass lamination processing equipment -SentryGlas™ Trim Table.
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SentryGlas Trim Table by Casso-Solar Technologies
SentryGlas Trim Table by Casso-Solar Technologies
NANUET, N.Y. - July 25, 2019 - PRLog -- Kuraray SentryGlas® has gained immense popularity in recent years as an interlayer material, and it has created new possibilities in glass lamination. Casso-Solar Technologies worked directly with Kuraray to design a ground-breaking Trim Table designed specifically for SentryGlas®. This trim table can be an asset to any glass working facility that makes use of SentryGlas™ ionoplast interlayers.

SentryGlas® is created using the revolutionary ionoplast polymer technology, and is being widely used today for hurricane glass glazing applications. This material is used in modern architectural buildings for creating facades, balustrades, overhead glazing, partitions, and doors. The ionoplast interlayers have a different chemical composition than regular PVB, and are 100 times stiffer, as well as five times stronger than the regular laminating materials in the market. Although SentryGlas® has opened new design possibilities for structural engineers, it is also demands a new type of processing equipment. Our SentryGlas® trim table is designed to meet the specific demand of SentryGlas®.

This new piece of equipment was developed to trim excess SentryGlas® after the lamination process is complete. It helps users avoid the use of hot knives for cleaning assemblies. The table is equipped with an infrared heater that is specially designed to soften the edge of the interlayer. The infrared heater is used to heat the excess material along the edges, which can then be trimmed off using a standard razor blade. The system is easy-to-operate, and features a single-button panel, which makes the operation easy and user friendly. It can be designed to handle sheet sizes up to 120 x120 inches, and in thicknesses up to 2 inches. It takes up to 20-30 seconds per edge to process assemblies in 1/4-inch thickness, considerably reducing the amount of labor required to clean an assembly. This revolutionary machine is helping users improve their processing time, and boost their productivity, as improved time-to-market is one of the key success factors in the glass processing industry.

Casso-Solar Technologies is offering these tables in a variety of voltage options to meet the diverse industry requirements. It can also be provided with custom options such as operator cut-outs, clamping systems, tilt load/unload capabilities and edge rollers.  Almost all custom requests can be accommodated.

About Casso-Solar Technologies

Casso-Solar Technologies is a leading manufacturer of infrared custom ovens, furnaces, and dryers, as well as high-efficiency systems for glass products, metal finishing, and web processing. Since 1960, the company has been serving clients across industries such as glass processing, paint and powder finishing, textiles, metal coating, and plastic and films with its quality-driven custom infrared heat processing systems.


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