Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng To Hold Formal Presentation Of The First Warp Drive For The Public

Though he's lectured on his STDTS technology over the years, from sci-fi conventions, to the 2013 100 Year Starship Symposium, on July 18th, in the city where it was invented, Marshall Barnes will declare STDTS the 1st warp drive tech & back it up.
STDTS Space Probe Slide from IAC poster (Copyright 2014)
STDTS Space Probe Slide from IAC poster (Copyright 2014)
GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio - July 10, 2019 - PRLog -- "Though some people have seen some of what I'll be showing, no one has ever seen it all and
what it proves is that Space Time Dilator Transport System (STDTS™) is the first ever and only functional prototype for warp drive and is ready for commercial development for the exploration of space. July 18th, I'll prove it."

So states Marshall Barnes, returning to a subject that has made him an underground legend in the aerospace world, after spending several years working exclusively on breakthroughs in the area of quantum and temporal mechanics, resulting in experimental proof of the Everett Relative State Interpretation (see
Using Todd Rundgren's Song, Parallel Lines To Prove Hugh Everett III's Parallel Worlds) and the nonexistence of any possibility of closed time-like curves in physical reality, ( see Killing Closed Timelike Curves: For Their Own Good And Ours ) currently being promoted by to its readers.

In making this announcement, Marshall is not only declaring himself the first and sole inventor, he's dismissing every other contender - from David Pares to NASA's Harold 'Sonny' White, due to the simple fact that none of them have ever demonstrated results on the scale that he has - accelerating large scale objects - from model cars to full size ones. Apply these accelerations to a spacecraft and pulsing them, you'll immediately have warp propulsion.

"The media hype for the others was such that it sucked all the air out of the room," Marshall says, "and I didn't really pursue national media attention because  I wanted to wait until I was going to have a big event. But now, Harold White has dropped his warp drive idea and NASA has declared that they aren't pursuing it anymore and Pares has hit the brick wall that I figured he would with not being able to produce any large scale effects. I'm the last man standing since everyone else talking about warp propulsion, including the Hover Brothers and To The Stars Academy, didn't ever have any actual technology at all - just hype about what they were going to do."

Marshall has actually been published twice in a peer reviewed journal as part of papers on projected advancements in space - written up and presented for the International Astronautical Federation Congress. He's also presented at the International Space Development Conference, Mars Society and 100 Year Starship Symposium. He was successful in getting support in a variety of ways, including financial, that has helped propel the project on a trajectory toward successful implementation, linked to the fact that Marshall has a fleshed out business plan for commercial exploitation of the technology in space, initially by creating and deploying space probes. Just July 2017, NASA's Don Gurnett told Bruce Dorminey of Forbes that NASA would need more space probe missions like Voyager 1, but at much faster velocities. This is something Marshall has anticipated for some years now.

"Just as Elon Musk is positioning Space X to do certain tasks in space for NASA, we could do the same as far as space probes are concerned. We could build the probe and have NASA launch it and then we would accelerate the craft using the STDTS™ technology to get it where it needs to be within a matter of months instead of years," Marshall explains. "That's allowing for the time required to slow down since there are no space breaks per say. If it wasn't for that, by our calculations, we could get a probe to Saturn in days. It took Cassini 9 years. We do it for ourselves initially and make money from selling the TV rights to the incredible footage that we capture. We'll make a documentary series. It'll be like the outer space world version, of Jacques Cousteau."

Marshall states that once he proves STDTS™ in a grand terrestrial demonstration, that will violate terminal velocity, called the Great Gravity Drops™, that will shake the world and then put his company in position to test his tech in low Earth orbit. After that, only the final frontier, is the limit. It's expected that his new super start-up, Technologies of Infinity™, which owns and controls an astonishing array of advanced technology - not even imagined by wannabe competitors like To The Stars Academy, will become a unicorn, valued at over 1 billion dollars.

"Now is the time for me to move on this technology because I've built up the reputation where people take me seriously. Once I've got this on the move, I'll return to my favorite endeavor, now - exploring and exploiting the most radical ramifications from the extreme implications of the confluence of quantum physics and information theory."

(Trailer from documentary once featured on FORA.TV)

The presentation will be held Thursday July 18th, at the public library in Grandview Heights, Ohio - the city where Marshall discovered how to create the STDTS™ effect and invented the technological platform to support it, 7PM to 8PM in the large meeting room, 1685 W 1st Ave, (614) 486-2951.

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