New Breakthroughs In Closed Timelike Curve Physics Invalidates The Entirety Of Ronald Mallett's Work

The latest breakthrough shows what many physicists have assumed for some time now - closed timelike curves are only mathematical anomalies, killing all hope of Ronald Mallett ever having a time machine. Further funding is a total waste of money.
New breakthrough paper on closed time-like curves by Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng
New breakthrough paper on closed time-like curves by Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng
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STORRS, Conn. - June 12, 2019 - PRLog -- It's been nearly 20 years since Ronald Mallett, professor emeritus from the University of Connecticut, claimed
to be working on a design for a time machine. Now, it appears all hope of it ever happening is down the proverbial black hole. The release of the scientific pre-print paper, Killing Closed Timelike Curves (For Their Own Good and Ours) exposes all the chinks in the armour of the idea -derived from Einstein's theory of General Relativity, then destroys its viability with temporal mechanics. It's a devastating blow for Mallett as his LOTART design for sending messages to the past, the one his time machine idea is based on. It relies completely on the existence and utilization of closed timelike curves. Without them, it's a car with no engine.

Marshall Barnes, the internationally followed, quantum mechanics trained, R&D engineer, is the author and researcher behind the discovery. Unlike Mallett, who says he's been researching time travel while he's failed to publish any papers on the subject, Marshall regularly releases breakthrough papers in pre-print form at online platforms such as,, and others. His work is read worldwide, in places as far away as China and Pakistan as well as in Europe and North America. He's followed by around 200 scientists, engineers, professors and entrepreneurs on, known as the "Facebook for scientists". Ronald Mallett has an account at both sites but hasn't posted anything on time travel except the transcript from one of his canned speeches. That's where Marshall has excelled, with a frightening proclivity to see solutions others miss.

"I do work and research intending to solve and resolve issues," he explains. "I'm not some hack, repeating the known state of affairs like a science popularizer does, with no thought of moving things forward. It's the only reason I do this. Otherwise - what's the point?"

His latest paper, Killing Closed Time-like Curves (For their own good and ours), tackles closed time-like curves, a subject Marshall's written about before while dealing with time travel related issues raised separately by Sean Carroll and Stephen Hawking. However, now he applies his model for how time works to the operation of closed time-like curves themselves, since how time works is key to how closed time-like curves function. Once he does, and reveals physicists don't have a working model of time on which they agree, closed time-like Curves collapse like a house of cards, taking the standard way physicists like to view time travel, with it. However, in the ruins stands the new, quantum mechanics version of time travel, with its roots in the information theory of Princeton's late John  Archibald Wheeler, that Marshall promotes and  conducted experiments in, proving it.

It's telling that Mallett has been quoted saying "But once we have a time machine, using it successfully will require a detailed understanding of time itself." July 11, 2018 by the BBC. Marshall points out that in order to understand time travel, you have to understand time first.

"When it comes to time travel, Ronald Mallett is a fake," Marshall brutally asserts. "He's gotten away with it because the media doesn't have a clue either, but all you have to do is look at his lack of scientific work on the subject, his 0 number of experiments, his 100% clinging to his one flawed theory which he props up by using Einstein's name. All of this for nearly 20 years. He isn't a time travel scientist. He's a fraud."

By undoing the validity of closed time-like curves, a concept not seen in the actual, physical world, it removes any possibility of Mallett's famed LOTART design of ever working, the basis for his time travel concept. In Mallett's paper, The gravitational field of a circulating light beam" he states, "For the strong gravitational field of a circulating cylinder of light, I have found new exact solutions of the Einstein field equations for the exterior and interior gravitational fields of the light cylinder. The exterior gravitational field is shown to contain closed timelike lines.

The presence of closed timelike lines indicates the possibility of time travel into the past. This creates the foundation for a time machine based on a circulating cylinder of light."

See a video explanation below. Marshall is not impressed.

"Without a temporal mechanical definition of time, which Einstein didn't even have, those equations are meaningless," Marshall contends. "It means closed timelike curves couldn't do what you think. Light cones won't do what's believed without a strict model of time, which they aren't based on. Time doesn't flow. Since it doesn't flow, then the idea of a direction of time disappears."

Marshall explains what physicists see as the flow of time is actually the causal flow of events through time, the purpose of time being the facilitation of events, and motion. There is no temporal arrow of time, only a causal one, solving the asymmetry of time problem and why physicists have been able to create models where time doesn't exist - up to a point. Time, like black holes, is invisible but the effect of things on it can be observed, such as time dilation - caused by high velocities and gravity.

"Mallett's idea isn't just utterly impossible. It shouldn't be funded at any level - by anyone."

You can read Marshall's paper at

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