Software Leader Axiros Reports Strong Interest In Connect America Fund Test Program

Interest Growing For Federal Communications Commission Compliant Speed And Latency Test Program For Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II Recipients
TAMPA, Fla. - May 14, 2019 - PRLog -- Enterprise telecom and Internet of Things (IoT) software leader Axiros is pleased to announce growing interest among rural broadband internet service providers for the  Axiros AX CAF PERFORMANCE PLUS Speed and Latency Test Programfor recipients of Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II funding.  Axiros North America, Inc., a subsidiary of global leader Axiros GmbH, has designed the AXCAF PERFORMANCE PLUS program to address the needs of Internet Service Providers and broadband carriers who are utilizing CAF II and related funding to bring high speed internet service to rural and underserved markets in the United States.  Recipients of CAF II funding are subject to mandatory speed and latency testing, which the new Axiros program enables for operators of all sizes without additional hardware.

"The interest in our Speed and Latency Testing for CAF II recipients," stated Michael Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of Axiros North America, Inc., "is very strong, and the industry is viewing our software-only, manufacturer-agnostic compliance program as a real game changer.  Our approach is technology-driven and we want Connect America Fund recipients to have the best program available in the market.  Compliance with FCC and USAC performance measures has never been safer, easier or more fairly priced for the value provided with the Axiros program."

The Axiros AXCAF PERFORMANCE PLUS Speed and Latency Test Program utilizes technology Axiros helped pioneer in the telecommunications industry, including its world renown Auto Configuration Serverand TR-069, reported to be utilized in over 1.1 billion devices around the world.  By deploying its own AXSPEED Test Servers at FCC-specified IXPs the Axiros program can perform efficient and regulatory compliant speed and latency tests per Federal Communications Commission (FCC) DA 18-710. FCC guidelines call for operators to collect and report comprehensive performance measures to verify compliance with funding requirements.

In addition to providing a complete performance measures program for CAF II recipients the Axiros AXCAF PERFORMANCE PLUS Speed and Latency Test is available to Alternative-Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM) and Alaska Plan fund recipients.

"When we meet with operators who provide valuable high speed internet service to the country's rural communities," stated Henry Ortiz, Esq., Vice President at Axiros North America, Inc.,"it is clear they are dedicated to performing the necessary testing, but they need an end-to-end program based on real technology that is easy to use. The Axiros program is easy to implement and will allow our customers to comply with regulations without hiring a team of technicians and additional office staff.  Operators want to avoid being locked into a hardware vendor or forced to purchase unnecessary equipment. Our program offers all of these features."

Unlike hardware-centric solutions the Axiros AXCAF PERFORMANCE PLUS Speed and Latency Test Program was designed to provide the highest level of compliance, security and peace of mind to operators of all sizes while keeping annual costs as low as possible.  The program has ten major components, including:
  • Strict compliance with FCC and Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) guidelines
  • No-additional-hardware approach utilizing Broadband Forum TR-143 on Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) as shipped by the manufacturer or provided for embedding by Axiros
  • A robust program framework for mass operations, including scheduled testing for Speed and Latency
  • Optimum routing of Speed and Latency tests through FCC-designated IXPs around the county
  • Compatibility with existing Auto Configuration Servers, if present
  • Optional cost-efficient cloud-based Auto Configuration Server licensed by Axiros for operators without device management
  • Optional remote NOC-assisted services provided by experienced professionals
  • Comprehensive data collection and submission according to regulatory requirements
  • Axiros-certified FCC compliant reports to make interpretation easier, and to provide operators with valuable insights
  • Data storage and analysis, and audit support services for additional peace of mind

Available as an easy to implement monthly service, the Axiros AXCAF PERFORMANCE PLUS Speed and Latency Test Program is now open for registration at

For additional information about Axiros and the Axiros AXCAF PERFORMANCE PLUS Speed and Latency Test Program please reach the company at

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