British Actress Set to Co-Star in International Spy Thriller

Cuban Lightning Ent. Vice President Announces Maria Pazouros as Co-Star of Upcoming Film Trilogy
By: Cuban Lightning Enterprises
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Extraordinarily Talented Actress Maria Pazouros
Extraordinarily Talented Actress Maria Pazouros
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - April 8, 2019 - PRLog -- Tad Atkinson, Vice President of Cuban Lightning Enterprises, was responding to media questions at Hollywood's famous Chinese Theater. "Maria Pazouros is one of the most talented actors we've seen in the past quarter century," he said beaming. "We are delighted at the prospect of Ms. Pazouros co-starring in our film trilogy."

"Cuban Lightning: The Zipper," the first feature film in the series, is in active development and set to go before the cameras later this year. The sequel is expected to begin production in 2020 with the third in the series shooting the following year.

"Dr Marmol is extraordinary at his job," Atkinson asserted. "He should be – He's been doing it successfully for over fifty years." Looking directly into the camera, Atkinson explained, "We're doing a trilogy, a series of three $50 million feature films that tell Dr. Marmol's fascinating life as a master spy.

Atkinson explained one of the main characters. "We've been looking for an extraordinary actress to play the role of Zylina Gataki." Atkinson paused, looked over at Dr. Marmol, smiled, and added, "Of course, the character name may change to the real name when we begin production – we have to be careful since the films are based on real people." Dr. Marmol gave a slight nod of approval.

"When we saw Maria Pazouros' acting work, her movies, we were amazed," Atkinson continued. "We searched for the perfect actor to play Zylina for nearly a year. A few actors were close, but Maria Pazouros was – and is – perfect. She's extraordinarily talented and a wonderful person with great personality. We intend to keep her working here for at least the next four years."

"We have several major name stars set – we'll announce them as we get closer to the production date – and we, again, are really impressed with Maria Pazouros,"
Mr. Atkinson reiterated. "What an extraordinarily talented actor! Suffice it to say we are very excited!"

He paused for a moment and with a very serious look, left us with these words: "Dr. Marmol is very loyal. He waited until many of the players passed on before revealing the stories that could have put their lives at risk."

Dr. Marmol suggested that everyone be forewarned - The trilogy will reveal shocking historical truths that will definitively disprove many accepted news "cover stories."

The upcoming feature films are based on Dr. Marmol's books, available at


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