World's first full color, angle independent, structural color paint that never fades for centuries, is light weight and keeps cool

By: e-skin Displays, Inc.
PLEASANTON, Calif. - March 5, 2019 - PRLog -- e-skin Displays announced today that it has invented the world's first full color, angle independent, plasmonics based structural color paint that never fades for centuries, is very light weight and keeps subsequent layers cool.

Structural color as in nature like the wings of a butterfly or the feathers of a peacock, rich, vivid and bright colors; examine a peacock's feather or the wings of a butterfly under a microscope, it is colorless and transparent; but shine a light on it and you see an iridescence of colors. e-skin technology mimics nature and uses ambient light to reflect the rich and bright colors. The reflectivity is as high as 100%.

An e-skin spokesman said that the structural color flakes are nano particles that are less than 10 microns and reflect ambient light and are 180 degrees angle independent. Automobile paints are all pigment-based paints that fade over time due to the oxidization when exposed to sun light over period of time. Pigment based paint reflectivity is also limited to 25%-40%. In comparison, the plasmonic structural color flakes reflect almost 100% of the light and never fade for centuries as the flakes are made up of fine nano structures that reflect light to provide an iridescence of colors and contain no pigments.

The spokesman also said that the structural color flakes are so light weight that an airplane using the e-skin paint can see big savings in fuel consumption as a normal pigment-based paint weighs almost 1000 lbs for a typical Boeing based airplane. Every flight with e-skin paint can save fuel costs for an airline increasing its profit. The e-skin spokesman further stressed that the flakes reflect 100% of the infrared wavelength cooling subsequent layers, contributing to profits by saving cooling costs for a plane. Pigment based paints absorb major part of infrared spectrum  which increases the temperature leading to higher cooling costs.

The e-skin paint can be made at cost and scale enabling Automobile paint, Cosmetics, Printer ink, Plastics, Dye, etc.

e-skin is an expert in nano technology and an authority on plasmonics. e-skin Displays had created the world's first full color plasmonics based structural color display and used the expertise to create e-skin paint. e-skin is in discussions with leading automobile and pigment manufacturers on partnerships to commercialize the technology.

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e-skin Displays, Inc.

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