Jonathan W. Johnson, LLC Investigating Severe Turbulence/Mechanical Issue on Delta Flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Lagos, Nigeria on Behalf of Georgia

ATLANTA - Jan. 30, 2019 - PRLog -- Jonathan W. Johnson, LLC has been retained by a passenger who was on Delta Flight 54 which departed Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on January 13, 2019 with Lagos, Nigeria as its destination. Approximately 2-3 hours into the flight, while over the Atlantic Ocean, the airplane had a series of sudden altitude changes which caused severe neck and back injuries to the passenger.

The 63-year-old architect said, "People were screaming and praying. We didn't know if the plane was going down." The Airbus 330-200 did stabilize but the sudden altitude drops caused the aisles and floors to be strewn with food, drinks and passenger personal items. The passenger further stated, "There was no announcement about what had happened from the pilot." The Georgia resident spent the rest of the flight in severe pain, for which the flight crew provided him ibuprofen. He remained anxious and hypervigilant until the plane touched down in Lagos.

Upon arrival, he was taken off the plane in a wheelchair and was provided with medical care at the airport medical clinic. His blood pressure was elevated and he continued to complain of neck and back pain. He remained under observation for several hours before being released.

He returned to Atlanta on January 22nd. Due to the neck and back injury he sustained on the outbound flight, the 13-hour return flight only exacerbated his pain. Once home, he sought treatment at Piedmont Henry Hospital and has been referred to an orthopaedic surgeon for further evaluation and treatment.

The passenger has been experiencing symptoms of severe emotional distress following the flight, including anxiety, fear, crying, nightmares, and fear of flying and loud noises.  It is anticipated that he will need treatment for symptoms of severe emotional distress and post-traumatic stress disorder.

International flights are governed by the Montreal Convention which provides that Airlines are liable for any injury a passenger sustains from the moment they embark until the passenger disembarks.

The firm is investigating the incident and may be contacted by any passengers who were on board.

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