Rare Live View of Eagles Incubating Egg in Nest on Rock Cliff in Arizona!

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Lake Pleasant Bald Eagles - Partnership with AZGFD - HDOnTap.com
Lake Pleasant Bald Eagles - Partnership with AZGFD - HDOnTap.com
PHOENIX - Jan. 29, 2019 - PRLog -- HDOnTap partners with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to install and live stream the Lake Pleasant Bald Eagle Nest Camera to give viewers worldwide a unique live look into a bald eagle's nest nestled to the side of a rock cliff, located at the Lake Pleasant Regional Park in Arizona.

HDOnTap traveled to Arizona and worked with AZGFD to install the custom live camera solution consisting of setting up a nine-mile fixed wireless link, two off-grid solar power systems, one repeater tower and a remotely controlled HD PTZ camera with IR Illumination for night vision and a microphone for audio.

Since going live in December, live cam spectators have witnessed a variety of behaviors and events at the nest, some not so easy to watch. "Jack" & "Jill", the resident Lake Pleasant eagles nicknamed by viewers, are a new breeding pair according to AZGFD.

"Jack" is a young male, which means he lacks experience in nesting and raising young eaglets. Viewers witnessed Jack's inexperience when the first egg was left unattended on the nest for too long. Ravens took advantage of this opportunity and eventually consumed the first egg.

Jack & Jill have a second chance at raising a family, as they welcomed their second egg on January 24th (watch the clip here). "Since the 2nd egg was laid, we have witnessed the eagle pair to be more attentive and sharing turns incubating the egg", says Tiffany Sears, HDOnTap Co-Founder.  "We are cautiously optimistic about the future of this eagle nest but we are hoping for a positive outcome!"

The Lake Pleasant Bald Eagle Nest camera is available to watch live on HDOnTap's website at: https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/azgfd-bald-eagles-live-cam and on the Arizona Game and Fish Department's website at: https://www.azgfd.com/wildlife/viewing/webcamlist/baldeagle/baldeaglecam/


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