Author and Radio Host, Claudette Milner releases "It Started with a Dime" Malachi 3:10 E Book and Paperback

Author Claudette Milner delivers a humorous, witty, thought provoking novelette entitled "It Started with a Dime" Malachi 3:10. This unique and delightful book is for the entire family. It teaches lessons about tithing, faith, hope, answers to delayed prayers, grace and mercy. It is a must read for every believer and those that have never understood the practice of tithing The E Book version and paperback is now available on
By: Claudette Milner
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It Started With a Dime Malachi 3:10
It Started With a Dime Malachi 3:10
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Jan. 3, 2019 - PRLog -- Ms. Milner has recently released three religious novelettes. Accompanying "It Started with a Dime" Malachi 3:10 is "Mary" Jeremiah 1:5 and "Journey to the Cross".

"It Started with a Dime" Malachi 3:10
Humorous and Thoughtful. Johnny learned the lesson of tithing at the age of three during Bible study at his local church. After his father gets laid off his job his family begins a tradition of tithing and putting God first. "It Started with a Dime" describes the affects of tithing on the Peters family and the lessons they learn.

"Mary" Jeremiah 1:5
As Danielle and Angelica listen to the reading of Mary's visit from an Angel each girl searches for answers from the word of God. Danielle is 17 and believes she is pregnant with her boyfriend Jacob's baby. Afraid to tell Jacob and her parents she looks for her answers from Mary's story. Sitting on the other side of the church Angelica tries to make a pact with God. If she is not pregnant she will change her lifestyle. Before going to the clinic Angelica learns the truth about her mother, the grace of God and his unconditional love. Angelica's fear of pregnancy opens the door for healing and restoration of her relationship with her father. Danielle's grandmother encourages her to confide in Jacob. Her advice "you must give a boy the opportunity to be a man." Through prayer and meditation will the young woman like the virgin Mary choose life? Mary is a 21st century story that opens the dialogue for teenagers about God, salvation, self-image and their creation.

"Journey to the Cross"
As Jesus walked to the cross, I imagined Him seeing visions of life without mercy, grace, and forgiveness through the eyes of four individuals. The stories are fictitious, but represent a cross section of our lives.

Ms. Milner is the author of the "Children of Plains Estates" series which includes "Children of Plains Estates", "Unheard Voices", "Silent Tears" and "Hidden Truths". Her first religious book was :The Rejuvenation of the Church: Meeting the Needs of our Youth Guidebook.

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