On National Science Fiction Day Marshall Barnes Says Sci-Fi Writers Need To Grow-Up Over Time Travel

In the wake of the ending NBC's "Timeless" & real life breakthroughs on time travel, this National Science Fiction Day, Marshall Barnes, leading researcher on time travel, says sci-fi writers can't fake it anymore. They need to learn the science.
Marshall Barnes, R&D The Man Beyond Tomorrow
Marshall Barnes, R&D The Man Beyond Tomorrow
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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Jan. 2, 2019 - PRLog -- Today is National Science Fiction Day and internationally noted R&D engineer Marshall Barnes has a terse message for writers wanting to do time travel sci-fi.

"Don't, unless you'll take the time to learn the latest developments, because paradoxes and changing the past on the same timeline are OUT!"

Marshall is the leading researcher on time travel science. He wrote the first and only special report for select members of Congress on the true geometries of time travel, due to all of the activity on the subject in science, "so no one on Capital Hill would freak out thinking someone could go back and change their election".

"What science fiction writers should realize is their audience is rapidly getting smarter - the net result is you can't get away with faking it.", Marshall says. "Right now, most time travel sci-fi looks like that old movie, Voyage to the Moon, because they're as scientifically inaccurate."

What does Marshall mean by that?

"It's pretty simple. Timeless, is only stupid because of the writers and co-producer Shawn Ryan, who don't believe that time travel science exists. Well, the premise of the show - to prevent history from being changed, is the subject of that report I wrote for select members of Congress several years before that show even existed. The premise of the show violates a well known model of quantum mechanics known as the Copenhagen Interpretation. Any writer unfamiliar with that doesn't need to be anywhere near a time travel story because they might as well write about how astronauts have landed on the green cheese moon."

Marshall is not open to any counter opinion on the subject either, because, as he points out, the subject isn't open to debate.

"There is now experimental evidence that any attempt to change something that's happened results in the Participatory Universe creating a new parallel universe copy containing the new result. It's been shown in filmed experiments in retrocausality I've conducted, where we get a laser pulse hit appearing with no cause - no laser having been fired. The cause isn't seen because it happened in the previous universe. There is a direct relationship between retrocausality and the Everett parallel universe idea which I've established through multiple types of physical experiments which matched predicted results from other physicists. These results have a direct impact on what could or would be possible for actual time travel."

Photos from these experiments were featured recently in an article by Marshall on Higgypop.com (see https://www.higgypop.com/news/how-parallel-universes-can-...).

Marshall says plots seen in popular movies like The Terminator and Back To The Future are no longer valid, at least not as they were presented originally.

"The very idea of The Terminator makes no sense because the war with the machines has happened and the leader of the human resistance is already alive which means you can't change that in the past. So any and all time travel to the past, from that point, will only result in arriving in a new, parallel universe copy meaning anything happening there will have no effect on the future the time travelers came from because all such parallel universes are discontinuous from their origin, meaning they aren't connected causally. You can't change the future you're from by changing the past."

But what would that do to the plot?

"Not much, but you wouldn't have all these paradoxes," Marshall replies.

"Actually, what it would mean is the machines would keep sending Terminators back because their mission would keep failing because even if they did kill John Conner, the one in their time would still be there. Each time they sent a Terminator back, it would arrive in a different parallel universe copy of the past where it had never been before. It would actually open up all kinds of new and unique plot possibilities that have never been explored."

Marshall caused a sensation recently when he announced that he has figured out the answer to the last remaining step toward making human time travel real and now all that's left is to do the experiments and testing to see the best way to make it work.

"The progress has been so rapid as of late that even I have trouble keeping up with it and I'm the one doing most of the work!"

Marshall says he can no longer give any details because the reason he hasn't had any hassles from the government over his research is he's proven he understands the importance of National Security. Giving away details on how to accomplish time travel would violate that status and be counter-productive to Marshall reaching his goal which is creating a functioning time machine to translate himself to 1971. There he has plans to reestablish himself and join David Bowie/Andy Warhol associate, Tony Zanetta in New York and start a new multimedia company along with producer Tom Wilson and Jefferson Starship leader Paul Kanter. He knows Zanetta now, as well as Kanter when he was still alive. Wilson died from a heart ailment in 1978, something Marshall intends on preventing after he gets there, to win Wilson to the team. Marshall blogs about these plans at Preparation Diary of a Time Travel Scientist (see http://forwardto1971.quora.com) on Quora.com where he is a leading writer and answerer of questions concerning time travel and temporal mechanics.

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