Codemint announces the optimization of its education projects topics page to hold over 100 projects

UYO, Nigeria - Dec. 13, 2018 - PRLog -- Codemint, a research and project website is glad to announce the optimization of education project page and other pages to hold up to 100 project topics, per page without compromising the page load speed. In a bid to improve user experience on codemint and subsequently reduce the page bounce rate, Codemint adopted this optimization strategy as against the initial number of 20 project topics per page.

Confirm this optimization of education project topics page in a click at Also, visit to access other departments with related updates and optimization.

Confirming this update, Seth Reuben, the Lead SEO consultant at Codemint affirmed that "Each codemint project page, particularly education page can now hold 100 project topics". "Codemint optimization has been on for quite some time and our ultimate goal as an online business outfit is to offer value while retaining our visitors' interest online with current, updated and researchable project topics and ideas," he further explained.

Why page optimization became really necessary for codemint education page at this point.

Before now, codemint's bounce rate per page was unbearably high and at some point, questioned the credibility of codemint. This was because visitors on this page spent a little below the recommended time-on-page upon having professional technical and SEO capabilities on codemint to rank.

Other departments such as Banking and financing project topics page and Mass communication project topics page have being equally optimized.

Optimizing the education page as well as others became a necessity and the first leap of update was to add more education project topics and ideas to the page up to one hundred in a singular display both for desktop and mobile users. As strategically implemented, the optimization has affected neither the page load speed nor the page display preferences.

How useful is this optimization to codemint and visitors generally?

First, like highlighted earlier, visitors on codemint are assured to experience less difficulty finding what they need in the education project page. In fact, where there is no exact match of what they need, they are sure to find a better alternative.

Secondly, this optimization is a plus to codemint bounce-rate reduction plan have reduced by 50% in six weeks. In addition, the daily time on site for codemint generally has improved impressively in a short period.

However, further research, reviews, updates and optimization of Health education project topics page is still on. Codemint is up to serve you better every day.

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Or contact (+234) 906 451 7926.

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