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By: Books 'N Pieces Magazine
BOISE, Idaho - Dec. 7, 2018 - PRLog -- "Books 'N Pieces Magazine offers a "Killer" List of Books readers should buy, or gift, for the holidays," says William Gensburger, author and publisher of the magazine.  Featuring authors as well known as international, bestselling crime author, Peter James, Mystery-writer Steena Holmes, Romance writer JS Ririe, (whose series of "Indecision's Flame" is both powerful and captivating,) and sci-fi giant, Robert J. Sawyer, among the few dozen that have been interviewed by Books 'N Pieces throughout the last few years, there is something for everyone.

"We've enjoyed a massive growth since we began in 2017," Gensburger says. "As big-name authors learned about us, we've received a lot of requests for interviews and placements."

Gensburger explains that the purpose of the interviews is to help new authors learn the many ways that authors can find success. "When you are new, and read, with delight, that Peter James, a huge name in crime fiction, does certain things, it gives you encouragement to try new things. You won't be Peter James, but it does show you that there are endless paths to becoming a writing success."

Interviews include Eileen Cook, KJ Howe, Jill Hedgecock, Mike Wells (a huge, self-published author), Regency romance from Arabella Sheraton, YA from Fiona Ingram, romance from Devika Fernando, historical fiction from Alan Brennert, mysteries, historical, romance, fantasy, suspense all from Boise's bestselling author, Joanne Pence, Craig DiLouie, Edward Willett, Stuart Horwitz, Marc Rainer's crime/drama, Laura Lefkowitz, another Boise bestselling non-fiction author, JC Ryan, science fiction bestselling author who will turn your world upside-down, robin Melhuish, another bestselling author who takes you on historical thrills from World War II, and many more.

Books 'N Pieces Magazine has listed all these authors and their books so you can easily scroll and click. You can also read their interviews in the magazine, equally easily.

"The killer list is there to help readers find those gems for the holidays," Gensburger says. "I'm very proud of the work we've done with Books 'N Pieces Magazine to be able to bring the public these interviews."

In addition, each issue buys short stories of merit from new and experienced authors. "We get a few hundred submissions each month," Gensburger says.

"Being featured in the magazine has introduced me to new readers, which has been amazing," ~Steena Holmes, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling author.

Gensburger adds that "Books make a wonderful holiday gift, whether print or ebooks. Visit us. Start with the "Killer" List of Books" and then browse the rest of the site. Join our Newsletter Mailing List to stay up to date.

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