Marshall Barnes Uses "Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day" To Make Startling Time Travel Announcement

Time travel to the past is now within reach, announces Marshall Barnes, the noted R&D engineer & time expert, on national Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day. He identifies what the very last step will be, to make the historic breakthrough, a reality.
Experiment showing how laser pulses can cause effects linked to time travel. (C)
Experiment showing how laser pulses can cause effects linked to time travel. (C)
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YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - Dec. 8, 2018 - PRLog -- As people around the U.S. participate in national Pretend to be A Time Traveler Day today, internationally noted R&D engineer Marshall Barnes, who is fast becoming known as the leading researcher in the world on time travel, is using the day to make a major new announcement on the subject - he's figured out how to do time travel for people - down to the very last step, beyond which time travel to the past will be a reality. When's he think this will happen? As soon as late next year!

"I spent most of this year working on the solutions," he explained. "This summer I completed experiments proving that parallel universes of quantum mechanics are real, just as the Everett Relative State Interpretation predicts. This matched predictions I made based on wildly successful experiments showing retrocausality is connected to the same concept. I was down to determining the last step, what type of experiments I could do to replicate the past…"

Just late last month, Marshall released a new article for the web site, Higgypop,  Parallel Universes Are Now Proved Real. Next: TIME TRAVEL! (see ) where he stated, "I'm expecting to see significant breakthroughs along this path even before the end of this year ..."

Marshall explains what people think time travel is, is usually wrong. That especially includes physicists who don't actually work in that field and more than 99% don't.

"There is no reversal of time, no traveling through time involved. Instead, it is the result of the causation of what the late physicist John Archibald Wheeler called the Participatory Universe, to bring into existence a new, parallel universe copy of the designated time period."

That act has been the mystery Marshall had been working on, after determining it was in fact the key, since August. Wednesday morning at 4 AM, he had the answer, after waking from a sound sleep.

"I was laying there and couldn't get back to sleep - my mind was just raging with all these ideas and I started working on this last solution. Suddenly I got the answer. My premise had been to do an experiment where the transmission pulse, split from a beam splitter, hits the shutter system before the reflected pulse can hit the detection area. That would mean when the retrocausal effect kicks in from the Participatory Universe, the transmission pulse is going to hit the detection area which was impacted by the reflection pulse before the transmission pulse ever reached the shutter system. It will be the recreation of a past event."

Marshall points out how he missed this at first, due to the fact that in the other examples, the timing was simultaneous for the two initial events with the retrocausal event following, but in the new example, the initial events are time separated. There's also the issue that though it's impossible to tell, the retrocausal result happens in a new parallel universe in the present. So, despite the fact that the result of the experiment may duplicate a past event, that new event is happening in what appears to be the next instant in the present for any observer.

Then he realized later he had already done it - during his experiments proving the Relative State Interpretation, which involved firing laser pulses down a device he invented called, an Aharonov Optical Manifold, named for famed physicist, Yakir Aharonov. The pulses go through, hitting elements inside along the way, before interacting with the shutter system, thus the elements serve as detection areas as well as splitters and the pulse that passes through triggers  the Participatory Universe to produce a new parallel universe copy where that pulse appears without cause - impacting an interior element that it never had before because pulses that hit interior elements are stopped - splitting them off from the portion that moves on to the shutter system.

"The trick," Marshall explains, "is to make the new version of the universe that you're in, be a copy of a past time. Nail that, and you're there."

Marshall will be releasing a more in-depth paper on this new discovery but warns there won't be any time travelers suddenly popping up here because he'll not be releasing the solution for that final step - to avoid National Security issues.

"I have backers who want to leave here for the past. I want to leave here for the past. That's already known. I'm not in this to start a time travel bureau, make money from taking well heeled aging hippies back to Woodstock or Gen Xers to relive the '80s. I'm in this because, like others, I don't believe in the future, and I'm rejecting it wholesale because I'm part of that generation that was sold a B.S. bill of goods on the World of Tomorrow and now, as an adult - I won't get fooled again. I'm blessed with the smarts to do something about it and I'll be flipping off, all these new futurists, on my way out. Hell, I'm flippin' 'em ALL OFF NOW! Don't you wish you could stop wishing?"

Marshall's sentiments, of dissatisfaction on how the future turned out, aren't unique. Rock star/producer, Todd Rundgren, whom Marshall's last paper was dedicated to in part, recorded the song Future, about such feelings.

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