Advanced CNC technology coming to a suburban garage near you

By: Awesome.Tech (Dangrant Pty Ltd Australia)
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Super Gerbil in front of a CNC mill
Super Gerbil in front of a CNC mill
SYDNEY - Nov. 6, 2018 - PRLog -- Every suburb has a handful – folks who tinker in their garage, making hobby models, potentially world-changing inventions, or just useful items.  However, often their results are limited by imprecise tools.  Advanced technology, like laser cutters, is increasingly popular, but computerised mills are the ultimate make-anything tool.  Awesome.Tech's new control system helps democratise the new age of robotic machine tools, bringing precision machining to a wider group.

Following the success of their Gerbil laser controller in July 2017, the Awesome Tech team are back with a new five axis Super Gerbil controller for CNC (Computer Numeric Control).  Hobbyists can access advanced CNC like never before, to create models (eg. planes, boats and cars), intricate wood carvings and even robots with precision and materials unavailable with 3d printing.  The new device is available on Kickstarter.

"After phenomenal growth in 3d printing, 2019 is going to be an incredible year for CNC hobbyists," said Paul de Groot from Awesome.Tech. "So many things are coming together: powerful software like Fusion 360 and precision hardware components are now affordable.  Now, on the controller front, our new Super Gerbil five-axis CNC controller brings custom designs to life. "

"There's real potential for talented enthusiasts to go professional with this technology," says Dan Collins, Awesome.Tech's other co-founder.  "With five axis CNC machines, designers can surpass the block-like limitations of three axis machining, and fabricate sophisticated contoured surfaces that you might see from Dyson or other renowned designers."

But the complexity of five axis machines and their controllers can present an adoption barrier.

"According to the 2017 survey results, the #1 priority for CNC users is ease of use, so a lot of our focus went into easy setup and control of machines," says Paul. "We've made customised setup screens for common machine configurations, and you can even use a smartphone as a controller. We'll work with the open source developer community to add features over time."

Kickstarter is the obvious platform for hobby CNC controller campaigns, as it pitches directly to enthusiasts and innovators.  Successful technical Kickstarters can exceed $500k USD once the enthusiast community starts spreading the word.

Awesome.Tech is a founded by two Australian engineers, inspired to create technology that makes people say 'Awesome!'.  Their focus is to empower hobbyists and STEM enthusiasts with exciting technology.

The Super Gerbil Kickstarter campaign can be found at


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