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New Training Facility opens in Elgin, Illinois directly across the street from gun range.
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city of elgin welcoming Tactical
city of elgin welcoming Tactical
ELGIN, Ill. - Sept. 17, 2018 - PRLog -- As of September 17, 2018, there have been 41,252 shootings in the United States. Those shootings have resulted in 10,381 deaths and 20,387 people injured. 256 of those shootings are considered Mass shootings (according to Gun Violence Archive).

Tactical Laser Training of Elgin, Illinois specializes in active shooter training. They put you in a real life scenario where you are involved in an active shooter situation. Your adrenaline will spike, your heart will race, and you will feel like you're in real danger because there laser training system supplies a pain penalty to you if you get shot in your scenario.

Todd Thiede, President and one of the many skilled instructors at Tactical Training, says, "Our whole lives we've been doing Fire Drills and Tornado Drills. It's time we do active shooter drills. You never know how you'll respond when someone starts shooting until you are actually in that scenario. We put you there without the fear of losing your life or even being injured by a projectile. Our systems provides you a pain penalty that makes you remember the first rule of an active shooter. That rule...'Don't get shot!'"

On September 8, 2018 in a 5/3rd Bank in Cincinnati, OH. 4 people were killed and 2 more people were injured by an active shooter. One employee at the building was hiding and was later quoted, "I was just waiting for my turn to be shot." Thiede believes his new innovative training will take that feeling away and empower people to survive the worst day of their life.

Tactical Laser Training is truly for everyone according to Thiede. They welcome gun owners, conceal carry holders, and people that don't want to ever touch a gun alike. They influence families to come and learn how to work together to get through a live shooting. They can even take their unique training and equipment to homes, offices, factories, and yes even schools to show people how to handle a shooting in their own familiar surroundings. They also help companies set up Emergency plans to help save employees lives.

At Tactical Laser Training's facility located at 812 S. McLean Blvd., Elgin, Illinois 60123 they can put you and your group through as many as 100 different scenarios based on real life situations that could come up. They use A.L.I.C.E. type training, as well as USCCA and FEMA approved Run-Hide-Fight training to make sure you and your loved ones get home safely.

Visit this new training at or call them at 224-325-4355


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