LSUS Unfair Practices - Violations of Free Speech, Deletes of: Hurricane Student-Safety Posts, Inclusion of Diversity Requests & Needed Materials

LA Talk Radio Reports on LSUS's New & Ongoing Violations against Students' 1st Amendment Rights. 100 Students Drop Out.
By: Dr. Jeff St. John
Dr. Jeff St. John, PhD
Dr. Jeff St. John, PhD
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. & SHREVEPORT, La. - Sept. 15, 2018 - PRLog -- An LA Talk Radio host (and former Co-host of Two Chicks Talkin' Politics made famous by a Brady Bunch star's 2016 anti-gay rant) aired a story of an LSUS Professor violating student's 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech by deleting students' posts on class discussion boards designed specifically for student communication within the nationwide LSUS MHA Online Program. The host interviewed a graduate student in the LSUS Professor's class to help bring voice to the offenses and ongoing threats students face by this nationwide educator.

On 9/13/18, as widespread evacuations continued and death tolls rose in the path of Hurricane Florence, Dr. Jeff St. John, the in-studio guest, expressed his and other MHA students' collective outrage about his LSUS Professor's deletion of entire online conversations about students' concerns for their safety, the safety of others, and how it would impact their in-class participation as the hurricane approached. It became ironically obvious to him on 9/11 that the professor had deleted students' conversations about the anticipated developments of a new American tragedy. This added insult to previous injuries he and other students' sustained at the hands of this professor, as she had deleted earlier student's posts requesting necessary educational resources, inclusion of diversity within the classroom, and the quality of education for which they pay - rather than her specific instruction for students to teach themselves via You Tube videos and post them on class discussion boards. Dr. St. John told the LA Talk Radio host how the LSUS Professor was essentially violating students' 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech and had the Dean's expressed support to "limit" student interaction within the class for which they pay tuition to participate in fully. He went onto note that he thought LSUS would be more sensitive to issues of diversity and communication, especially since the LSUS MHA faculty is predominantly white and Louisiana (home to LSUS) has the second largest population of Black Americans in the US. Consequently, he has filed formal written complaints against the Dean and Professor with the LSUS HR Department. These formal complaints (in regards to violations of students' Constitutional Rights) have made their way up the chain from the Provost and the Chancellor to the LSU General Council. Dr. St. John commented, "It seems like everyone would rather stall and play hot potato with students' First Amendment Rights than to do the right thing here. I think they're burying it in bureaucracy hoping than the issue will go away...but I'll make sure it doesn't". To date, it's estimated that approximately 100 students have dropped/withdrawn from this online MHA course with more exits anticipated within the coming weeks. It seems the only thing going away is student retention rates within this class as many current students report the unfair actions of this professor make them too afraid to voice their complaints and ask necessary questions about course material in order to pass the class. Many fear retaliation.

The LA Talk Radio host ended the live-episode with LSUS's current proposed resolution. Dr. St. John told the host LSUS has offered him the following options: incur additional costs and attend a different college that would require the approval of LSUS to complete his MHA; stay in the course with the current (unfair) conditions remaining the same; or drop the course (postponing graduation) and take the course again next year with (possibly) the same professor and conditions (if it's offered). In response to the ongoing threats and violations that students face, Dr. St. John said to the radio host and listeners, "It seems like LSUS wants to propose every resolution except for taking corrective action...If this Dean and Professor had said to me before I enrolled in the nationwide LSUS MHA Online Program, 'Come to LSUS and we'll take away your Right to Free Speech, and delete your requests for inclusion of diversity and necessary educational resources', I never would have enrolled." To date, no satisfactory resolution has been permanently reached, and renewed online threats to violate students' 1st Amendment Rights nationwide are made weekly by this Professor. The LA Talk Radio host agreed to report and air Dr. St. John's story as human rights are a central theme to her shows, and she hopes a mutually-satisfactory resolve can be reached which will allow all present and future students of all diversities within LSUS's MHA Online Program to maintain their Constitutional Rights to Free Speech and receive the quality education for which they pay. Let them know your thoughts!

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