Infuzi is re-inventing the infusion process

California based entrepreneurs and product designers Eli Probst and Todd Metlen are looking to change the way people make craft cocktails and custom-flavored spirits with the Infuzi Brio
VENTURA, Calif. - Sept. 14, 2018 - PRLog -- After years of creating award-winning products for companies like Nokia, Samsonite, and ThinkGeek, Eli Probst and Todd Metlen have teamed up to design and develop the Infuzi Brio, the world's first ultrasonic infuser.

The Infuzi Brio uses ultrasonic technology — invisible sound waves that shake ingredients thousands of times per second — to infuse the flavor of fruit, herbs, nuts, and spices into liquor in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks.

When Probst used a small oak barrel to infuse and age his own whiskey, the results were fantastic. But the process took several weeks and after one use, the barrel's seams split and it couldn't be reused. So Probst and Metlen, founders of Infuzi, decided to reinvent the art of infusion with a product that makes it quick and easy for everyone to infuse with great results.

"Drawing on my background in audio technology and manufacturing, I imagined that combining a beverage infuser with an ultrasonic agitator might provide the perfect solution to this challenge," Probst commented.

It's increasingly popular for amateur mixologists to create their own alcohol infusions at home just like the pros do. But it typically takes days or weeks to infuse the flavor of ingredients into spirits. The Infuzi Brio makes infusing liquor an afternoon activity, taking only a few hours and allowing the user to choose the quality of all of their ingredients, experiment and have fun.

"Ultrasonic sound waves speed up the infusion process, allowing for greater experimentation and innovation in less time," said Probst. "It's hard to carve out a week or more to invest in making a quality infused spirit. But since the Infuzi Brio can accomplish the same thing in just hours, it's easy to be more creative and try different things."

"Whether it's wine and whiskey aged in oak barrels for years, or gin flavored with juniper and angelica, they are all just an infusions. We're expanding on that idea and giving people the tools to explore and create," said Eli Probst, CEO and Co-Founder of Infuzi. "And nothing enhances the flavor of a cocktail like a quality infused spirit."

The Infuzi Brio was launched September 12th, 2018 on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The infusion system includes a 1000ml Ultrasonic Infuser and exclusive infusion guide and recipe book, retailing at just $69.

To learn more, visit their Kickstarter campaign or visit Infuzi online at

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