Divorce Education: 
The Case for In-Person Versus Online Learning

When it comes to divorce smarts, workshops provide the community, caring and in-person support that are key to learning.
By: WIFE.org
Second Saturday Divorce Workshops
Second Saturday Divorce Workshops
SAN DIEGO - Sept. 13, 2018 - PRLog -- From elementary school through college, including adults seeking continuing education, online education is here to stay.  But is it right for everyone in every situation?

Success in learning virtually translates to much more than convenience and computer skills: independence, motivation, a good study environment and persistence are just a few of the key factors. (1)

For anyone contemplating divorce, these elements are likely non-existent.

Adults in any stage of untying the knot are typically struggling across the board -- In fact, the roller coaster of divorce emotions has been compared to "The Five Stages of Grief" associated with death, recognized by renowned psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. (2)  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance don't exactly lend themselves to the motivation and persistence required for online learning.   Toss in other emotions like shock, panic, fear and loneliness, and the case for in-person learning becomes even stronger.

Divorce can also be time sensitive, eliminating the luxury of deciding when to go "back to school."   Individuals need an immediate understanding of their basic financial and legal options, before they make decisions that will impact them (and their families) for the rest of their lives.

For all these reasons, Second Saturday Divorce Workshops (founded by WIFE.org) is experiencing a new influx of attendees who recognize that the community, information and support provided by these in-person classes is far more practical – and valuable - than anything online. Second Saturday empowers and educates by providing critical legal, financial and emotional information in a supportive, cooperative learning environment that fosters hope, independence and financial literacy, in and out of marriage.  Led by volunteer presenters/experts, attendees also leave Second Saturday with the one thing that online learning can never provide:  a sense of hope.

For Nan B., workshop attendee, "This is such a great service to the community.  Being with other women going through the same thing in a classroom environment made me feel comfortable and safe."

Second Saturday Divorce Workshops were created way before online learning was even a concept:  Now, with over 120 in-person workshops running monthly across the nation, back-to-school for kids means back-to-school for adults,  whether they decide to stay married…or not.

To find a Second Saturday Divorce Workshop in your area, visit www.secondsaturday.com.

To learn more about our workshop leaders, click here.

If you are interested in finding out if you qualify to become a Second Saturday Divorce workshop leader, visit www.secondsaturday.com.

About Second Saturday and WIFE.org:

Second Saturday: What Everyone Needs to Know About Divorce is a nationally renowned non-profit educational workshop that has been replicated in over 120 locations across the country. With over 12,000 alumni in San Diego alone, Second Saturday has also raised over $300,000 for various charities.  Workshops are led by volunteer instructors around the country who are committed to helping and educating others during life transitions.

Second Saturday is offered through WIFE.org, the nation's longest-running non-profit devoted to female financial literacy.  WIFE.org has been providing free, unbiased advice and financial curriculum to millions of avid students since 1987.  Founders Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall are nationally known advocates and educators, with a desire to help others that has defined them through their non-profit for almost nearly three decades.

Bahr and Wall are as dedicated to their cause today as they were when they first began.  In 2013, they were honored as KPBS Heroes as part of National Women's History Month for their WIFE.org and Second Saturday efforts.

With a career spanning over three decades, Bahr is a nationally known advocate for women's financial independence, and was named by Investment News as "Twenty Women to Watch." Wallis a nationally recognized expert and columnist on the subject of women and money.  Her credentials include CPA, CFP®, and CDFA®. She has authored eight books on personal finance and was named one of the 250 top financial advisors in the country by Worth Magazine eight years in a row.

Bahr and Wall have been speaking nationally on behalf of their non-profit since it was founded, offering workshops and making media appearances on shows such as NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, CBS This Morning, CNNfn, PBS and National Public Radio and they travel the country speaking to women's conferences organized by State Treasurer offices. For more information, visit www.WIFE.org and www.secondsaturday.com.

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2. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/cathy-meyer/the-emotional-stages-of-d_b_779816.html


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