Ammeris ("Ammeris") and URAllowance ("URA") form partnership to bring blockchain and smart contracts to family homes

By: Ammeris Blockchain Foundation
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Ammeris Campus
Ammeris Campus
LAS VEGAS & HALIFAX, Nova Scotia - Sept. 14, 2018 - PRLog -- Ammeris and URA are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership whereby both organizations look to collaborate and bring Ammeris' sustainable distributed ledger technology (DLT) and URA's family-oriented suite of smart contract tools to the household. The vision behind the partnership is to bring families closer together using cutting-edge distributed methodologies.

Ammeris is launching the alpha version of its Ammeris Platform later this fall, a sustainable, interoperable, and scalable blockchain network designed to host commercially viable decentralized applications (d'Apps). The platform is composed of the Ammeris Blockchain (the main ledger) and the Ammeris Blockchain Stack (ABS), entirely operated by 100% renewables-powered and permissioned nodes that allow for the creation of segregated and/or application-specific ledgers. Users will be able to access the platform using Ammeris Coin (AMRS), the Ammeris Blockchain-native cryptocurrency that serves as an access token and rewards staking on the platform.

Meanwhile, URA's platform is a tool that helps parents, teachers, and guardians teach kids financial responsibility and enables these young individuals to feel a sense of pride that is normally missing among today's youth. The URA platform has a two-sided user interface (parents and children) with access to Family-Smart Contracts that are powered by the URA token deposited by parents.

"This partnership is very exciting for both organisations. It combines the innovation and vision of social good behind the Ammeris Platform with the opportunity to enter the family environment. At Ammeris we are strong advocates of the use of cryptographic tokens and implementation of blockchain solutions geared toward social benefits. One of our core industry targets is the health sector, and we think URA is bringing significant knowledge and innovation into this vertical," says Paul Mears, Chair of Ammeris.

"I have been talking to Chris for several months about his project and have been impressed by the passion and energy emanating from his team. The team and I at Ammeris believe URA's project is an obvious fit for collaboration as there is no better way to get adoption and to educate our societies about DLT than by bringing cryptocurrencies and smart contacts into the lives of young people. We look forward to working with URA to assist in their rollout of their application throughout countless households."

"The strategic partnership with Ammeris is a perfect fit. Ammeris understands that evolving is the key to not only survive, but to thrive in the fastest changing industry in history. URAllowance and the team that drives it lives by this principle, albeit at a smaller level focusing in on the evolution of families. The Ammeris and URAllowance partnership will work together to introduce an advanced level of technology along with a more responsible consumption of energy into the family unit. This is progress at its finest. The advantages of joining forces with Ammeris are magnified by both of our team's relentless pursuit of innovative societal improvements," added Chris Butler, Co-Founder of URA.

About Ammeris:

Ammeris is pioneering industry-specific applications in healthcare, energy, insurance, entertainment, and capital markets. The company has established the Ammeris Blockchain Foundation, while through other entities operating for-profit development, advisory, and asset management divisions geared toward offering Ammeris Platform client onboarding and management services.

About URAllowance:

URAllowance offers the proprietary URSuite tools for parents to use while customizing the perfect financial plan tailored to their children's needs. Parents can set tasks and goals for their kids using the URA Platform. When tasks are completed on the platform URA's Family-Smart Contract releases funds to their children's token-based wallet. Reward opportunities will be available via URA's premium subscription, URWorld and URWorld Mixed Reality Edition.


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