The formula of Prof Chris Imafidon, head of Britain's brainiest family, produces another year of record-breaking success" - BBC

World renowned consultant to governments, monarchs & leaders, Prof Chris Imafidon, discusses his formula for success during a recent BBC broadcast. Professor Imafidon, known as the head UK's smartest family & chair of spoke to BBC World Service alongside his proteges who gained record success in recent exams. He stated why he developed a mentorship which brings out the genius in anyone, including inner-city students. #ProfessorChrisImafidon #ProfChrisImafidon
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Prof Chris Imafidon flanked by successful proteges
Prof Chris Imafidon flanked by successful proteges
WESTMINSTER, U.K. - Sept. 6, 2018 - PRLog -- Internationally acclaimed consultant to governments, monarchs, presidents and corporate leaders, Professor Chris Imafidon, has joined his latest record-breaking students to discuss his strategies for success in education, entrepreneurship and employment in a BBC world service broadcast. Prof Chris Imafidon, chair of spoke to journalists in an exclusive interview on how he has developed a unique learning methodology that has brought out the genius in anyone, irrespective of age, gender or class. Prof Imafidon's mentorship involves personalised learning tools, techniques & technology to achieve rapid understanding of any subject including Mathematics, Music & Language.

According to the BBC World Service, the father of Britain's brainiest family, Prof Chris Imafidon devised a learning method that helped all five of his children get into the world's top Universities, after setting multiple records in academics, sports and music. His kids include twins, Peter & Paula Imafidon, Samantha Imafidon, Christiana Imafidon & Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE. The programme demonstrated how his non-biological children from other backgrounds top their classes after using the same learning techniques to gain multiple scholarships to top schools, colleges & universities.

Deborah, one of the students, who now holds a double GCSE Maths - is the youngest in her county.. She said, "I was so excited to pass such advance exams after being mentored by Prof Chris Imafidon, who gave me a special book called the Mathematics Manual." Deborah aspires to be a gynaecologist or a musician or an engineer.

One of the mothers of this year's best performing students, Mrs Adelle Lewis (age 35) said, "We are incredibly fortunate to have attended a free seminar for inner-city pupils led by Professor Chris Imafidon. The girls' success is due to his unique free mentorship and the innovative learning methodology of the programme. This is the biggest blessing we have ever had since the birth of the children. This would have been unimaginable without Professor Chris Imafidon who shared the strategies for anyone to understand the most difficult concepts with phenomenal speed and great ease. He really knows how to draw out the genius in everyone. Our elder girl got multiple scholarships to top schools due to him" Times (


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