Dallas Bathtub Services Educates Consumers About Refinishing

Most consumers are purchasing bathtub painting mistaking it for bathtub refinishing. My new updated website helps educate consumers.
By: Dallas Bathtub Services
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Dallas Bathtub Refinishing
Dallas Bathtub Refinishing
DALLAS & MESQUITE, Texas - Sept. 1, 2018 - PRLog -- Dallas Bathtub Services explains the differences between bathtub refinishing, also called resurfacing or reglazing and bathtub painting. Using my new updated website to educate consumers about bathtub, shower, tile and sink refinishing in Dallas, Texas.

Bathtub refinishing is the process of integrating a new surface into the old surface. This surface needs to replicate the look and feel of porcelain when it comes to bathtubs, tile and showers. There is a synergistic process to achieve this and it absolutely does not involve inferior painting that is going to peel.

Bathtub refinishing is not rocket science, however it does borrow some technology developed by the Aerospace industry. Silane is a molecular bonding agent. There are many qualities of Silane from the type used to paint plastic to the highest quality used for high altitude aircraft and space equipment. Silane is part of the synergistic process for refinishing. Equally important is the etching process, which I personally accomplish with spun fiber disk operating at about 2000 RPM. This opens the pores in the old surface and creates microscopic scratches in the old surface.

Silane is then worked into these pores and scratches allowing the new polymer surface being applied to become chemically welded into the old surface. Please know many other factors go into the successful refinishing procedure. Quality material and knowledge of how these materials react to the surface, humidity and temperature are part of the process.

Bathtub Painting is a temporary fix
Bathtub painting, on the other hand involves a D.I.Y epoxy paint (that is outdated technology from the 1990's) being brushed, rolled or sprayed on top of the old surface. It looks great for a picture and before it dries to a less glossy appearance has the consumer thinking everything is wonderful. In my experience, since 1991 I have personally seen painted bathtubs and tile peel within days of being completed. Most consumers honestly think bathtub refinishing is nothing more than cleaning the surface and applying paint. In all honesty it would be a fair statement to say bathtub refinishing is closer to getting a spray in bathtub liner that is bonded into the old surface, because the correct coatings that are endorsed by the Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association are closer to plastic than anything else.

Dallas Bathtub Services prices
The average cost for a professional refinishing service that is going to not only use the correct synergistic process and not cut corners on the procedures you can't see will vary from area to area. In Dallas Bathtubs averages between $600.00 to $800.00 and my Dallas bathtub refinishing prices are below that only because I am an owner operated business. When you realize that you are saving thousands of dollars versus replacement and getting a service that, in my case comes with an 8 year warranty with an expected life of over 20 years. There is no reason for bathtubs, tile, showers and sinks to peel up in sheets from a paint. Clogged drains of paint, wasted money and paint chips on you or your children should not be happening anymore.

Bathtub painting is a quick fix of painting on top of the old surface developed for apartments and hotels to fill the need of that fixture looking good for a short time. Dallas Bathtub Services is a professional bathtub, tile and shower refinishing professional and native Dallas Texan that delivers a permanent solution backed by a valuable 8 year transferable warranty established in 1992.


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