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HONG KONG - Aug. 24, 2018 - PRLog -- It is now possible to help the global environment, promote positive sociable change, and make a wise financial investment all at the same time. At times these ideals will be at odds. It's quite common to think that an investment which has a high ROI is somehow at odds with the environment or is some form of modern enslavement. However there is absolutely no laws of the universe that says that this must be so. To show otherwise, it is simply a matter of having an idea to help the world that happens to be economically viable. Lucky for us there are a number of pioneers whom have done just that.

One particular company is named Pesco-Beam. Given the profits that petroleum refinery companies attain regularly, it will come as no real surprise that petrol "re-refinery" companies would also be quite profitable. Furthermore, fresh petroleum is becoming less common, harder to refine, all the while used oil is now more and more common. This tips the scales in favor of companies like Pesco-Beam, which has already been in the industry for over 25 years and generates annual dividends on investment of 25-50%. All the while they effectively reduce the exposure of this otherwise hazardous waste material to the environment.

Another company which has a dramatic positive influence on the surroundings while making a nice profit is called CarbonCycle. The essential concept is easy - turn trash into energy with pyrolysis technology. Many folks have read that Sweden does this, and it has been so successful that they actually transfer garbage from other countries. CarbonCycle takes it several steps further, for one by using a sophisticated filtering system so that there are no hazardous emissions to the atmosphere. They also produce value-added products such as biodiesel, with an impressive 150% ROI in a few active facilities.

The list continues on. One reason more folks don't invest in companies like this is because they don't really find out about them. It really is a difficult process to sift through what's available and in some way determine if it'll work out over time. However, these details has been analyzed and consolidated by others who also have value in Earth being a hospitable place for their grandchildren. One thing they realized is that the more folks who invest in these companies, the better it is for everybody the world over. So they have made it available to everyone by using blockchain technology.

It's called EarthCycle ( and it is the latest job of the network of paradigm shifters called Earth Nation ( Though blockchain technology is new, the idea behind this form of investment is not. It's really similar to a hedge account, only rather than being available only to the financially 1%, it is open to everyone. EarthCycle in many ways can be an opportunity before its time. While many viewers may still ask themselves what blockchain even is, Earth Nation has embraced this technology as the next "big thing". It can appear funny, much like how "email" sounded funny to people in the 90's. It's only a matter of becoming educated about this.

Some financial experts are declaring EarthCycle the smallest risk, highest return investment they've seen in their lifetimes. That is in part due to the companies that give the EarthCycle cryptocurrency real value, but also due to the way in which the cryptocurrency itself has been designed. Every year EarthCycle collects earnings and reinvests a percentage back to creating more lucrative facilities (which increases the overall revenue each year). EarthCycle also uses this earning to help non-profit organizations that are also assisting to create positive change. A very important factor to understand about the EarthCycle cryptocurrency is that there surely is a limited level of this coin as a cryptocurrency, and no more will ever again be created after the initial coin unveiling. Every year EarthCycle uses 20% of income to buy back the coin and basically erase it from existence. This may sound crazy for some, but in simple fact it increases the value of the currency indefinitely, which encourages investment, which promotes growth.

Early shareholders in EarthCycle will perhaps be even better off than people who invested in Microsoft in the early 80s. You can find no true promises in life, however there are opportunities. This opportunity is crafted to be so available that one of the biggest and only blockages to accessibility is the thought that it could be too good to be true. In a culture of speculation they state don't bet more than you can afford to lose, which is a great rule of thumb. However, none of this is investment advice. Viewers should do their own research. This informative article is simply for informational and enjoyment purposes. As always, play safe!

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