Christ Comes in the Clouds of Heaven also known as The Whirlwind of the Lord and changes Meteorology

While building his Vortex Force Reactor free energy perpetual motion machine, Gregory GOrDon, who claims to be The Second Coming of Christ, discovered that hurricanes and toilets will rotate clockwise not counterclockwise in the northern hemispere.
Download Showing Typical Wrong Direction.  Coriolis Force Moves Toward the Right
Download Showing Typical Wrong Direction. Coriolis Force Moves Toward the Right
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ORLANDO, Fla. - July 25, 2018 - PRLog -- Although not a household name, Gregory GOrDon is not an unknown entity in the world of personalities.  He became infamous in 1990 after breaking into former president Ronald Reagan's retirement home on July 4th of 1990. He then proclaimed Reagan to be the anti-Christ and himself as the second coming of Christ.  Although unreported by the New York Times for more than two years, GOrDon's break-in to Reagan's house made world-wide news and may have sparked the first Iraq war which started four days later.

GOrDon is diagnosed as having a Delusional Disorder of the grandiose type and takes a Haldol shot once a month as treatment.  Currently he is homeless and living on the porch of a rooming house that he hopes to move into on the first of August, 2018.  His only source of income is the government SSI check for $750 that he recieves on the first of each month.  All of that could change to GOrDon's benefit if his findings about the direction of flow of toilets and hurricanes stands up to scientific scrutiny.

Although he is currently homeless he is not homeless due to circumstance.  GOrDon left his group home in Washington DC in December of 2017 with a move to Orlando FL to devote all of his time, money and resources to building a perpetual motion machine that runs on a water vortex that is powered by tapping the power of the rotation of the Earth.  His problem was that he did not know which way to direct the water flow in the vortex chamber.

Although it is widely assumed that toilets in the northern hemisphere rotate counterclockwise because of the earth's rotation as hurricanes seem to do, in doing his research GOrDon found out that the rotation of toilets is independent of hemispheric location.  Toilets can rotate in either direction in either hemisphere depending on the direction of the water entering into the toilet bowl.

For GOrDon that presented a problem.  He would have to build two versions of his machine then test to see which one produced more power.  Would the one going in the clockwise direction or the one moving in the counterclockwise direction produce more power?  He did not know.  Thankfully, this self proclaimed savior found a savior of his own Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis.

Coriolis is the man who named the force that is responsible for the direction of hurricanes, tornadoes and toilets.  To make a very long story shorter, the gist of Coriolis' findings is that the force moves objects toward the right going in the direction of their movement.  Right and Left are absolutes when combined with direction of movement.  Clockwise and counterclockwise depend upon whether you are looking from above or below.  Therefore, GOrDon chose to build his machine with the water flowing in the clockwise direction not the counterclockwise direction as he was looking at his machine from above.

While this solved GOrDon's problem it opened up a whole can of worms for meteorologists.  Think of "Wrong way Al Roker."

The perceived notion that the movement of the winds in the northern hemisphere is counterclockwise is a mistake.  While that is what we observe as we stand out in a hurricane.  The actual direction of the movement were we to look down from heaven is clockwise!

This changes everything in meteorology.  As we look at television pictures of hurricanes on television they always move in the counterclockwise direction even when showing supposed satellite images.  That is absolutely incorrect.  The problem is of the observer-object type.

While standing out in a hurricane 99.99 percent of the hurricane is above us therefore it seems as if the movement is counterclockwise.  In reality we are looking at the movement of the hurricane from the back of the clock.  Were we to look at the top of the hurricane we would not see a spiralling object at all.  What we would see instead is an outwardly exploding object that is moving clockwise in the northern hemisphere.

"At this point in time I am not sure just how Earth shaking this discovery is, but it is safe to say that this will change at least the way they picture hurricanes on television." says GOrDon.  "I hope that people will at least start taking my research on the Vortex Force Reactors seriously and help me fund the project."

From the Biblical perspective there is the mention of Christ coming in the clouds of heaven as found in Matthew 24:30 and again there is the mention of the Whirlwind of the Lord as found in Jeremiah 30:23.  While GOrDon insists that these passages predict his discovery and give final proof of his Godhood only time will tell.

For more information on GOrDon and his work see either: http://Vortex.Energy or

Gregory GOrDon
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