The Seventh Sense Book by Guy Lozier Shows Readers How To Co-Create Reality

Author Guy Lozier released book which proclaims to give the reader extra-ordinary tools which allows them to accomplish what most think is impossible...
By: Seventh Sense Publishing
The Seventh Sense Book by Guy Lozier
The Seventh Sense Book by Guy Lozier
TULSA, Okla. - June 28, 2018 - PRLog -- We requested an interview of Guy Lozier to answer some questions surrounding his book 'The Seventh Sense'.  Many strange and unusual tales have come out about Guy in the past and this new book has refreshed our interest in interviewing Guy Lozier.  If you go to Amazon and research what this book is about, you can find it listed under Unexplained Mysteries of the Occult within the Spiritual and Religious world, Ancient and Hidden Knowledge of the Paranormal and Occult, and also within World History.

There is one 5 Star rating which shares this information "Keep an open mind when you plod through this complex guide to life on planet Earth. For the most benefits follow any guidelines and utilize the tools. You won't be the same again."

On Amazon Australia we found another 5 Star rating which shares this information "This book I highly recommend. It takes you through some of the rarely discussed aspects of this planet's history, the elaborate 'afterlife' dimension, what has occurred in secret, and that we are in-fact locked inside a kind of genetic space-suit that has been manipulated. It provides this powerful overview so we can understand why certain powerful practices and techniques will help us begin building the 7th sense that leads to the higher Self we have always been.

If anyone has been a reader of the WingMakers they will recognize some words and phrases here and find elements of the 5th Interview of Dr Neruda - except this goes into further detail.

Apparently this book began as a collection of papers that were given to people living at an ashram, which explains the reference to 'future papers' throughout.

Overall it's a little book, easy to read and very powerful - one that you won't forget in a hurry."

Those are very impressive statements about the book all by themselves.  So we felt it was necessary to discuss the book with Guy.  Here is our questions to Guy and his answers.

Q: Guy, why did you publish your book The Seventh Sense?

A: The knowledge in that book is so powerful that anyone who reads it and then applies the information to their life, are changed.  They not only change but they begin to have an effect on those around them and even others that are no where near them.

Q: How can someone change people in other parts of the world without ever coming in contact with them in the physical world.

A: That's simple really.  Reality is nothing as we believe it to be.  It's holographic for one thing.  Another important fact is that we are all connected within layers of the unconsciousness.

Q: So if i'm alone in my home and do something, everyone in the world knows about it?

A: The short version?  Yes.  It is because of the separated aspects of our consciousness that our focused consciousness and personality are not aware of it.

Q: Ok, let's get back to your book.  First, in the book you explain that you are telling someone else's story. Can you tell us who it is and also can you share some of the topics in the book with readers?

A: I can share some of the topics but currently I have not revealed who the story is about.  A number of topics are discussed right away including how the body is not us.  Then understanding of some of the more recent discoveries in science of the potential of humans.  An explanation of how the individual is separated from their potential by layers of consciousness which handle different aspects on our behalf generally.  Then a simple method for the reader to align is given.  It is explained that alignment is necessary to become self empowered.  Here is a quote in chapter one about such things...

"Yet to display one's potential, all things must be in place. If we look to the ceiling at the light fixture understanding that if all things are not in place, that light bulb will never shine light into the room. If the switch is not placed on the wall, the wires running up to the light fixture, the light fixture itself, a light bulb placed in the fixture and then power hooked to the switch on the wall, without all these things, that light will never shine into the room. So it is with the potential of each individual."

Also found in chapter one is an explanation of some of the new discoveries in physics which plainly show that "Consciousness creates reality."

Tools and information are given to the reader.  Information about the planet, humans, life, between life, and much much more.

Q: So, can anyone put these tools and knowledge to use in their lives?

A: Absolutely.  It is in each one's hands.  In the book it guides the reader how to accomplish.  It uses simplicity instead of complexity.  This is why those that read the book are changed if they apply the information to their life.  It is that simple.  One of the most powerful tools given to each is a tool that allows the individual to Co-Create Reality.  To actually change the events that are approaching from the future.  It is very very powerful and noticeable.

Author Guy Lozier has over a dozen books published to date.  Most can be found in Audio Book format also.  Check him out on Amazon and other outlets.
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Location:Tulsa - Oklahoma - United States
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