The 'Parallel Lines/Parallel Universes' Experiment A Success In Time For Todd Rundgren's Birthday!

Experiments to prove emphatically parallel universes are the result of retrocausality experiments - thought to change the past, are a smash - using Rundgren's Parallel Lines song as a reference beat. Proves theories of J.A. Wheeler & Hugh Everett.
Photo above shows laser in action. Below, anomalous hit from nowhere.
Photo above shows laser in action. Below, anomalous hit from nowhere.
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Todd Rundgren's 70th Birthday


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GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio - June 22, 2018 - PRLog -- "YES! It WORKED! ALL OF IT!", came the voice on voice mail. "And on Todd's BIRTHDAY

It was Marshall Barnes gleefully reporting that the
Todd Rundgren Parallel Lines/Parallel Universes project was obviously a smashing success - with major ramifications all across the board, personally, historically, scientifically, and all the rest.

Actually just the latest in a long series of experiments beginning in May of 2016, looking at the possibility of a new interpretation of delayed choice experiments first suggested by the late Princeton physicist John Archibald Wheeler, this was designed to do several things in one fell swoop - prove yet again Hugh Everett's Relative State interpretation of quantum mechanics is right (simultaneously defeating John G. Cramer's Transactional Interpretation and proving CERN's Mir Faizel wrong), that Wheeler's participatory universe model is right, that Yakir Aharonov's prediction of shrinking the size of quantum triggers was right, that camera roll has nothing to do with Marshall's experimental accomplishments, and he could successfully work the use of a Todd Rundgren song into it and dedicate the proceedings to the rock star for his birthday. This morning Marshall was a bit more calm and introspective.

"I don't know if Todd will hear about this or not. I didn't do it for that because my days of being a fan of anyone, in the true sense of what a 'fan' is supposed to be, are over," he said. "But I'll start a bar fight over anyone dissing what Todd did in the '70s. That's where he had his impact on me. I have given him credit for that and what I learned from it - to become what I call hyper-creative and using it professionally. I dedicated these experiments in his name to be on the record hence forth that the reason I was able to figure all of these things out is not because what some professor taught me, but because I already had an expanded mind and I got that from what I learned from the thinking of Todd Rundgren in the '70s. Not enough people even know about him then and the ones who do, are passing away at an increasing rate..."

The impact of the Rundgren inclusion in these experiments is not trivial. By using the basic beat of the song, Parallel LInes from the album, Nearly Human, Marshall set the flash rate of a strobe light, doing 2 things. First it set the possibility of shutter roll effects, something a few critics had tried to claim was why anomalous hits appear in the video without cause - aren't the reason for it. That was done early on by pointing out many of his experiments involved laser events on the same horizontal plane - so shutter roll would effect everything, not just a portion of the screen. But by having an actual strobe flashing to the music's beat (albeit turned so the full brunt of the light doesn't disrupt the video recording) it shows not only are the anomalous laser hits (hits without cause) not caused by shutter roll, but that they appear in spite of what normally causes shutter roll.

Second, Marshall wanted to see if the inverse of what happens with the laser pulses, would happen with the strobes - strobe flashes not appearing when they should. That doesn't seem to be the case. In other words, there are no "glitches" within the normal flow of events caused by the apparent decoherence of events prior to a laser hit appearing without cause, and afterwards. For clarity, what these experiments are doing is showing that the discontinuity known in which-way-path experiments, where particles arrive at detectors at the end of paths which they were not on, prior to a change in the original path after the fact - are not changes to the past of the particle as currently believed - but changes to the universe, causing a new parallel universe with a different past and the evidence is that Marshall's experiments are all filmed and capture laser hits without a laser being fired. That means the cause is in the previous universe and the hit is in a new one.

It's worth noting these hits happen without laser pulses appearing from nowhere and hitting a detection area, which Marshall takes as evidence that Wheeler's participatory universe model is behind it all - giving results to questions or actions, just as Wheeler hypothesized before his death.

All in all, it puts Marshall in a powerful position, not only within the science world but that of innovation as well. The device used in the experiment proving the Relative State interpretation is essentially a quantum trigger Marshall made and named an Aharonov optical manifold. It takes the place of a beam splitter and detection areas with one small device - the realization of Yakir Aharonov's 1992 prediction in Discover magazine. This solidifies Marshall's reputation as a cutting edge innovator, already recognized as such in 2014 by the Boston leg of the IX Innovation Cities tour. An event where he also gave Todd Rundgren the credit.

More details to be released soon, incuding the technical paper, Using Todd Rundgren's Song, "Parallel Lines" To Prove Hugh Everett's Parallel Worlds at and and on the website of Marshall's super start-up, Technologies of Infinity (see which is poised to competitively take-on Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy.

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