Prison Rideshare Network Launches Niche-Focused Business Directory for Prison Ride Providers

Prison Rideshare Network (PRN), a California based non-profit organization, is pleased to announce the launch of their business directory dedicated to prison visitor transportation companies.
By: Prison Rideshare Network Corporation
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Prison Rideshare Network Banner
Prison Rideshare Network Banner
LOS ANGELES - June 21, 2018 - PRLog -- Today, Prison Rideshare Network announced the launch of its newly revamped Prison Rides Business Directory. This new online directory offers quick and easy access to essential information and features, while offering a more comprehensive database of transportation companies that provide rides to prisons.
The new prison visitor transportation company directory also offers updated information on businesses that provide rides to prisons in the US. It helps to connect loved ones of inmates to affordable transportation to state and federal facilities.

What Makes This Business Directory So Unique?

PRN's business directory only publishes listings of companies that provide transportation for prison visitors. That means users browsing through the directory are specifically looking for companies that provide rides to prisons.

Business directories are one of the most cost-efficient ways to market a business online. Because they are so SEO-friendly, they carry a lot of weight in the land of Google and other search engines. When the directory is niche-specific, this increases the chances of actually converting visitors into new customers.

Prison Rideshare Network's new business directory will be updated on a regular basis with new transportation businesses, as well as scheduled prison trips provided by companies in the directory.

4 Benefits of a Prison Rideshare Network Business Listing

These are just some of the benefits of listing a prison visitor transportation company in the PRN online directory:
  1. Magnify Online Presence – Search engines crawl the directory, adding more SEO pull to your brand's online reputation
  2. Improve Local Visibility – Directory is broken down by state, making it easy for prison visitors to find local rides to their loved ones' facilities
  3. Build Reputation with Online Reviews – Online users add to your brand's online reputation through reviews, which are seen by all users
  4. Improve Google Reach – Because the directory is niche-specific, businesses receive targeted traffic… specifically, people looking for prison transportation in their state
It has a clean, uncluttered design and enhanced rich content focused on companies and non-profit organizations providing transportation to federal and state prisons in the U.S. The new directory went live on June 1, 2018. You can access it at:

PrisonLift App Development in Beta Testing

The PrisonLift web and mobile app is currently in beta testing. PrisonLift features the following functionalities:
  • Business Directory – All business listings on the PRN website will also be listed in the PrisonLift mobile app for both Android and iOS users
  • Announce Prison Trips – Visitors with planned trips to facilities can announce them in the app so others can contact them about carpooling
  • Request a Carpool – Those without prison visitor transportation can add a prison ride request so others going their way can contact them
  • View Scheduled Prison Trips – Those without prison visitor transportation can add a prison ride request so others going their way can contact them
According to Kiesha Joseph, CEO & Founder of Prison Rideshare Network:

"When PRN was launched more than five years ago, the goal was simply to create a network for myself to visit my own loved ones in two CDCR prison: CIW (California Institution for Women) and ASP (Avenal State Prison). Once I realized that very few resources existed, I started my own network, and that's when the Rison Rideshare Network was born.

The dream of creating a website where prison visitors can network more efficiently to find carpool partners, ride share programs, transportation services and other rides to prisons never left my thoughts."

PrisonLift will include improved functionality around social media, business directory listings and trip requests.

Both prison visitors and prison ride providers are encouraged to explore the website and sign up for direct emails and updates on the upcoming app launch from the company. Click here for updates.

To book an interview, contact CEO Kiesha Joseph.


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