New Book Explores Major Financial Decisions by Decades

Maryland Author Seeks to Help Investors Avoid Key Mistakes on Path Toward Financial Freedom
By: Joseph C. Conroy
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Joseph C. Conroy
Joseph C. Conroy
FOREST HILL, Md. - May 14, 2018 - PRLog -- Joseph C. Conroy, a Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ professional and independent financial advisor, has released a new financial-planning book, Decades & Decisions: Financial Planning at Any Age, that provides investors with a decade-by-decade look at how to best position themselves for retirement and other financial goals.

"I see with my clients again and again that people usually confront the same decisions at the same point in their lives," said Conroy, a Forest Hill, Md., resident, who manages his independent financial planning and investment management practice near Baltimore. "I decided to try to capture what I keep telling investors in a way that everyone can use."

Most books offering financial planning advice focus on specific issues like investing for retirement and saving as much as possible. While covering those topics, Conroy's book takes a different, more useful approach. Each chapter focuses on a different decade of an investor's life, highlighting the important financial-planning decisions that are most likely to occur during those years.

For instance, the chapter on The Early 50s addresses these issues: creating a budget that helps you pay for your child or children's college; understanding the implications of 401(k)/retirement plan loans; and facing career realities. In addition, Conroy explains his Buckets strategy, which he has used with hundreds of investors to help them better prepare for their retirement.

This new approach helps investors better evaluate where they are in their financial planning life and how best to use their resources to build toward retirement and other financial milestones.

Conroy also explores complicated issues that his clients and others often struggle to handle. This list includes whether to rent or buy a house, buying versus leasing a car and whether to become a landlord.

Conroy colors practical, actionable financial advice with stories about clients who have faced the same issues he is writing about, giving readers not just a checklist of good financial advice, but sound reasoning behind such actions. As a result, readers are more likely to understand the why's and how's of financial planning better.

"Effective financial planning ideally should start when you are in your 20s, which is where I start the book," Conroy said. "But even if you don't get serious about financial planning until your 40s or 50s, this book can help you get back on track and headed in the right direction."

Published by Mason-West Publishing House of Towson, Md., Decades & Decisions: Financial Planning at Any Age is available for $15.99 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers, as a paperback and ebook. More information is available at


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