New Website Launch for Independent Publishing House of Best Selling Authors

Independent Publishing Company Launches A New Site to Showcase Top Notch Authors & Satisfy New-Age Readers
By: Anitbeet Productions, LLC
PHILADELPHIA - May 3, 2018 - PRLog -- Anitbeet Productions, LLC has launched a new site for indie authors while bridging the gap between the growing popular eBook readers and the old-school paperback lovers who still enjoy the feel of turning pages in an actual book. The site offers amazing book deals with a buy one, get one free paperback sale, as well as affordable eBook downloads with safe and secure payment options through PayPal. With the increase in popularity of various genres such as Urban Fiction, Street Lit, Urban Erotic Romance and others, Anitbeet Productions is also providing a home to hopeful new authors looking to publish their manuscripts.

Anitbeet Productions will show loyalty to readers while being dedicated to producing quality novels with well edited, suspenseful plots and relatable characters. Our mission is to keep readers entertained with books written so vividly, each page read gives readers the feeling they are watching a movie. Our aim is to keep readers satisfied with affordable prices, and free shipping one book at a time.

Based out of Philadelphia, Anitbeet Productions has been publishing Amazon Best Selling novels since its inception in 2012. CEO and author Yani, has been providing stories that are in high demand and have done so with integrity and quality customer service.

"I'm very proud of the work Yani has put into this publishing company and am excited for the launch of this website and everything it will provide for readers and upcoming authors." - Long time friend and former co-worker, Monique Dawson.

"I can't wait to finish my first novel so I can become apart of the Anitbeet Productions team! This new website has a smooth layout and is easy to navigate. Very professionally done! Great job Yani!" - Reader, Arianna Stone.


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