Can Yoga Actually Have an Effect on Corruption - Yogi360 Answers

Experts at Yogi360 claim that the practice of yoga can change the overall mindset of a community by engineering positive paradigm shifts of the masses.
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NEW YORK - May 3, 2018 - PRLog -- Ludicrous as it sounds, performing yoga could have realistic effects on people's perception of life, which in turn would shape the culture of a society. One doesn't have to look far back in history to find examples of how the general outlook and attitude of the public had caused entire governments and economies to collapse. Political corruption putrefies a nation's economy and has become a cause for concern for governments all over the world. It only takes common sense to understand that corruption is a product of the collective mindset of a country's citizens. Scholars at Yogi360, claims to have a feasible solution for this.

Yogi360 is an online community which aims at promoting yoga in a whole new light. After expansive research, the pundits at Yogi360 have reached the conclusion that yoga is a means by which individuals and communities can rid themselves of mental contamination which induces corruption, gun violence and other cultural undesirables. In collaboration with numerous yoga ashrams and health organizations, Yogi360 intends to bring you practical solutions for life's problems.

Beyond the physical aspects, yoga has many benefits that are attributed to the mind and spirit. However, there is little known about them to the outside world, mainly due to the absence of channels to share yogic knowledge. The founding members of Yogi360 are among those who have inherited yogic knowledge from their ancestors. The website yogi360 is the culmination of the joint efforts of many yoga enthusiasts to provide a standardized platform for sharing valuable information about yoga.

A 360-degree view of yoga and the lesser known facts about yoga is what Yogi360 will bring to you. Armed with such Knowledge, one can put yoga to good use without the slightest fear of performing the wrong asaana or practising yoga which is not meant for your body type, age, or gender. The yogic scriptures warn us against practising yoga without any prime knowledge about it. Today the commercialization of yoga has led us to do just that.

Yogi360 is one community you can rely on to learn about yoga before you start your routine. Also, feel free to contribute your Ideas and knowledge at our guest-blog. Yogi360 and its members invite you to become a part of this revolutionary fellowship, let us join hands to ensure a fair future for our heritage as human beings and keep the spirit of yoga alive.


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