Terry Sacka Explains Why Americans Buying Power Has Dwindled

Terry Sacka made a recent appearance on The Wealth Transfer show to explain how the buying power of the dollar has declined over the past decades and how Americans can preserve and increase their buying power today.
By: Cornerstone Asset Metals
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Cornerstone Crowns @CornerstoneMint
Cornerstone Crowns @CornerstoneMint
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - April 30, 2018 - PRLog -- Mr. Sacka opened with the statement, "In the sixties French President Charles DeGaulle caught on. He knew started printing more paper money than we had gold in the vault for delivery."

During the administration of President Charles DeGaulle France reduced its dollar reserves, exchanging them for gold at the official exchange rate, reducing US economic influence.


This, along with the fiscal strain of federal expenditures for the Vietnam War and persistent balance of payments deficits, led U.S. President Richard Nixon to end international convertibility of the U.S. dollar to gold on August 15, 1971 (also the "Nixon Shock").

Mr. Sacka went on to say, "That sparked it. That's when Nixon said we are temporarily going into this new standard - that was the end of The Gold Standard. They stole our wealth. They stole our ability to buy, save and have an inheritance for our children's children."

About Terry Sacka
Terry Sacka, AAMS is the founder of Cornerstone Asset Metals, a dealer in natural resources (precious metals to be specific), and offers gold, silver and other precious metals backed IRAs, backed by real physical, tangible hard assets, not paper investments. Mr. Sacka has been quoted several times by some of the most respected financial publications, such as Investor's Business Daily, Institutional Investor and the Wikipedia page "Silver as an Investment".

Through Cornerstone Mint, Cornerstone Asset Metals sells Cornerstone Crowns, the only Hallmarked .9999 LBMA/COMEX/Shanghai Certified Judeo-Christian Fine Silver Coins available. Precious metals are a hedge against a declining stock market and U.S. Dollar falling in value.


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