America 2030 Capital is Pleased to Announce that it has Entered in to Negotiations to Arrange Financing for two Hong Kong based Public Consortiums

Two large Chinese public consortiums have entered in to final stage negotiations with America 2030 Capital Limited to provide them with loans against publicly traded securities in the amount of $175 million USD and $500 million USD respectively.
By: America 2030 Capital Limited
Logo America 2030 Capital Limited
Logo America 2030 Capital Limited
HONG KONG - April 29, 2018 - PRLog -- America 2030 has been selected to assist the two Hong Kong based consortiums in arranging for loans backed by publicly traded securities (stock loans) with intention of closing the transactions in May or June of 2018. The two consortiums invited tender bidding and America 2030 Capital Limited was selected to facilitate the transactions.

The two consortiums conduct their business in China but have listed some of their publicly traded securities on the Hong Kong exchanges. Each is seeking a loan against their publicly traded securities. One is seeking to extinguish bond debt and the second would like to build a new electronics factory on mainland China.

Negotiations were initiated in the Fall of 2017 and involved numerous meetings with the top executives of both firms.

The two consortiums are owned by two of Chinese wealthiest families. Their interests span in airlines, electronics, real estate, construction, mining, garments, infrastructure development, paper and packaging.

America 2030 Capital Limited is a boutique Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) firm with heavy emphasis on stock loans and loans backed by securities, also known as "Securities Backed Loan" (SBL).

Since venturing in to the Asian market, America 2030 Capital Limited has arranged for numerous stock loans for publicly traded companies and its shareholders located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine and Thailand.

stock loans 股票貸款
securitized lending 證券化貸款
margin lending 保證金貸款
Shanghai stock market 上海股市
loans backed by securities 證券支持的貸款
Shenzhen stock market 深圳股市
Hong Kong stock market 香港股市
stock loan borrowing 股票借貸

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This press release does not imply or guarantee funding, does not imply that borrowers will fulfill all obligations and conditions, that the loans will close timely, or at all or that contracts may not be rescinded, terminated or not be withdrawn. This press release is speculative and may be withdrawn. No future or past client should rely on its accuracy, nor will it imply that you will be funded.

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