STARK Industries LLC and Isansys Invited Aboard NASA's NEEMO 24 Mission for Sponsored 'Wireless' Cardiac Monitoring Research

STARK Industries seeks partner/sponsor for remote 'wireless' cardiac and physiologic monitoring of NASA's NEEMO 24 aquanaut crew members utilizing the Isansys "Patient Status Engine" platform and BLE paired sensors
Isansys PSE Wireless Continuous Cardiac Monitoring
Isansys PSE Wireless Continuous Cardiac Monitoring
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Feb. 21, 2018 - PRLog -- Beginning in late July, 2019, and throughout the 14-day NEEMO 24 Mission, 'tech demonstration' data from the Isansys "Patient Status Engine" platform and sensors, including heart rate, heart rhythm, respiration rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature, will be collected "wirelessly" via Bluetooth; analyzed, and relayed back to monitoring teams on the US mainland, all in "real-time".

The monitoring teams will then be able to assess the accuracy, validity and acquisition of this data in a variety of remote operational environments, along with the communication links and integration with prototype medical data systems.

The data collected will help NASA, and clinical researchers, learn the best ways to monitor the physiology of future explorers, which is critical for its work to send humans beyond Low Earth Orbit, back to the Moon, and eventually to Mars.

"This is a time-sensitive sponsorship opportunity" stated Joe Swantack, STARK Industries - CEO and Director of Global Business Development, "Aquanaut crew selection will end mid-December 2018, with only two non-NASA researcher positions available."

Liz Swantack - STARK Industries, Co-Director of Business Development and Nurse Consultant commented, "We will be wirelessly monitoring NEEMO crew members in the same way we are monitoring patients in hospital and healthcare communities. The physiological responses created in this undersea environment, monitored in "real-time", will generate a wealth of high-definition digitized data sets for terrestrial use and analysis."

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