A disability makes an unlikely gunslinger and hero in Clown William

Tourette Syndrome inspired the title character, giving this award-winning Western novel a unique twist and a very human "superhero"
Clown William
Clown William
SAN ANTONIO - Jan. 10, 2018 - PRLog -- In 1870s Kansas, William has led a dismal life. The prairie can be an unkind existence but for a boy with an unknown condition such as Tourette's, it can be extremely challenging.

Forced out of his home, William must find a way to survive.  His differences make him an outcast.  With his uncontrollable physical movements and stuttered speech, he inadvertently insults a notorious outlaw.  This leads to a gun battle.  A novice, William has little faith that he can survive the match. But unknown to him, his condition enhances his speed and accuracy with deadly consequences.

"Not only is this a very modern twist on a Western novel, a hero with a disorder, it makes for a unique writing style. Readers will find themselves in William's shoes as he struggles with his condition," states Charlotte Piel of publisher IngramElliott. "We have evolved into a society that no longer hides from impairments but finds the uniqueness and even the advantages in it. This makes Clown William a one-of-a-kind Western."

The novel, set in the late 1800s, draws inspiration from historical events. William comes face to face with well-known historical heroes and villains.

The author, a psychiatrist, drew inspiration for William from a series of books and articles on the impact of neurological conditions on physical abilities. In his research, the author learned people with Tourette Syndrome can target point five times faster than average.

"The inspiration for Clown William came from an Oliver Sacks article (author of "Awakenings"). The speed and accuracy of those who have this condition inspired the creation of the character William and his subsequent adventures," says the author Robin Elno.  "What might appear a handicap can also be an advantage.  Nature puts things in balance. Our comic book heroes have strengths that rise out of a difference from ordinary people. So does William. I hope readers feel empowered by how William learns to accept the good and the bad."

Winner of the Arizona Authors' Association Literary Award, Clown William is the first in a series that follows William's incredible journey from "clown" to "friend" to "hero." You can read more about Clown William at IngramElliott. The book is available now at most major retailers.

Book Excerpt
Walt lay on the floor, staring wide eyed at the ceiling, his revolver still wearing leather.

"Honk," William said. He slid his gun back into the holster on his second try. His knees went weak and he sat down. "Hoot."

"Damn," Jesse's remaining partner said. "That was fast. Is he dead?"

"Oh yeah," Jesse said, looking in amazement at William. "Well played, son. I never guessed you were anything more'n a shavetailed kid."

He undid his loaned gun belt from Walt's limp body and jerked a thumb at the belt William wore. "You keep Walt's rig. You earned it. And I expect now you're going to need it."

About the Author
Robin Elno is a retired army colonel, semiretired psychiatrist, and full-time author. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, and is an active member of the San Antonio Writers' Guild. Inspired by famed neurologist Oliver Sacks and his work with neurological conditions like Tourette Syndrome, the author has created a unique and compelling character set against the backdrop of true, historical events.

About IngramElliott
IngramElliott delights in traditionally publishing unconventional and alternative literature.


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