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Focuses on Interdisciplinary Approach to Cultivating World Kindness
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Eva Ritvo, MD
Eva Ritvo, MD
NEW YORK - Nov. 13, 2017 - PRLog -- Eva Ritvo, MD, Psychiatrist and Author of Bekindr -The Transformative Power of Kindness brought together thought leaders from diverse fields for a webinar to examine how we can shift the global conversation away from fear-based living and focus more on kindness, compassion and connection. A Psychiatrist with more than 25 years' experience practicing in Miami Beach, Florida, she conducted an exhaustive three-year study on kindness. A regular on major media, Dr. Ritvo provides professional commentary on TV & radio and is a frequent expert source.

Speakers included Marian Koltai-Levine, Head of Entertainment Division, PMK-BMC; Ian Halperin, NY Times Best selling Author & Award-Wining Filmmaker; Dr. Kenneth Silvestri, Psychotherapist and Homeopath; Rev. Carolyn McCombs, Exec Director, New Destiny Family Success Center; Toni Blackman, Award-winning Actress, educator, and U.S. State Department Cultural Ambassador uses Hip Hop to build bridges; Valeria Gertizen, Ace-Type and International Artist's Agent based in Germany.

Using the research from her Bekindr book as the starting point, the wide-ranging questions went from, "How Hollywood is handling kindness today" to "Can kindness effect patient care and the medical practioner?" The Webinar will be publshed as a White Paper Report.

In Dr. Ritvo's book, sixty-four contributors, in their own voices, share the ways they were positively impacted by the kindness of strangers. A broad range of stories from the mundane to the heroic were selected: A stranger on a NYC subway whose casual remark shifted someone's whole perspective. A remarkable love story that came out of the darkest of times, a story so compelling it's part of Tony-winning Broadway musical, "Come From Away." From a photographer's creative genius, a young woman leaves her cocoon emerging beautifully full of life's promise. A Purple Heart Recipient's dreams come true by a stranger's act of kindness when he meets megastar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and the inspirational Joyce Meyer…and the list goes on. Interspersed, Dr. Ritvo shares research into the science of kindness, with wide ranging examples of kindness by historic figures, scholars and celebrities, practical tips to help you Bekindr plus dozens of inspirational quotes. Created to be read at any pace and in any order, Bekindr is  a book one can keep by the bedside to come back to again and again.

Bekindr -The Transformative Power of Kindness was published by Momosa Publishers. To order books and post your kindness story,


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