Angela Booth's Short Story Class: A Fiction Revolution For Authors

Blogger and author Angela Booth has released a new online writing class to help self-publishing authors to survive and thrive.
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Publish Fiction In 8 Hours Or Less
Publish Fiction In 8 Hours Or Less
ADELAIDE, Australia - Oct. 6, 2017 - PRLog -- "Publish Fiction In 8 Hours Or Less: Conquer Short Stories" helps both new and established authors to use short fiction as a powerful tool to build visibility and income.

The term "short stories" has a respectable monthly search volume of half a million searches on Amazon.

To satisfy these readers, Amazon has created several Kindle "Short Reads" categories. In these categories, short fiction is classified by Amazon's search algorithm according to the time it takes to read the ebook: from 15 minutes to over two hours.

Angela says that short stories help readers to "taste test" authors. "I'm a voracious reader across several genres. I read at least five books a week," she says, "but time is precious. I'd rather sample a new-to-me author's story telling and voice in a short story, than buy a novel from that author."

Story telling is an art, and today, short stories pack a lot into a little. Angela offers intensive private coaching in short story writing, and students have long requested a short class.

The class helps those authors who aren't getting the sales results they want from their fiction, whether they're new authors, or are established authors whose sales have slumped.

Angela's students have beta tested the class. One said remarked that not only did he enjoy the class, but also: "I'm more confident. I was concerned that I'd learn a formula, which would stifle me. Instead I'm putting what I learned into everything I write. My sales have increased too."

Enrollments in "Publish Fiction In 8 Hours Or Less: Conquer Short Stories" are limited so that Angela has time to work with each student.

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About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to develop their skills. She also offers a range of ebooks:

Over almost two decades, the free information on Angela's writing blogs has helped thousands of writers to build great careers.


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