"NOT SAFE AS PRESCRIBED" - Book and Screenplay Available - The Prescription Drug and Opioid Epidemic Revealed Like Never Before

From the introduction of Valium in 1963 to the introduction of OxyContin in 1996, the book puts into perspective how the opioid epidemic was created. The fictional dialog based from historical facts puts the reader into the imaginary boardroom of Pharma to reveal the possible mindset of the pharmaceutical executives. The book reveals how government and public leaders have been a part of the growing opioid epidemic. Intertwined is a love story and intrigue.
By: Prescription Addiction Radio Show
Not Safe as Prescribed by Lawrence Golbom
Not Safe as Prescribed by Lawrence Golbom
LARGO, Fla. - Sept. 26, 2017 - PRLog -- REVIEWS HAVE BEEN PHENOMENAL -  "Not Safe as Prescribed" by Lawrence Golbom

- "Larry Golbom tells a full, human story of what happens when money and power create a healthcare crisis. He explains the greed and the genesis of the powerful healthcare pharmaceutical manufacturers, complicity of DEA and prescribers and with everyone in "healthcare" grabbing money along the chain until the predictable and inevitable result causes addiction,overdose and death."

- "This was a great read...Mr. Golbom has a knack for combining scientific facts into an exciting novel that just gets better and better."

- "We all know names that fit Larry's characters in his book, including the prescribers,and anyone who has had the terrible experience of an addicted loved one knows this book is an honest, fact filled, story of this human tragedy.

This book should be required reading for anyone interested in ending the greedy-guilty causes of opiate addiction by prescription and it is VERY RARE for a Pharmacist or any healthcare professional to speak honestly about who is really guilty of and continues to cause the great numbers of addicts that are created by reckless healthcare practices."

- "I'm still reading it and as a parent who lost a son to Oxy's this really hits home. I believe he started abusing it early 1998 or so, we tried hard to save him but lost in 2008. This is a must read for every child and parent. At times I put the book down as it angers me so much that this could happen in this country. The fiction only draws out the truth in the pain it has caused so many."

- "Very Informative and entertaining...I identified with Jeremy understanding the conflicts of morality vs reality. Enjoyable for all ages, and should be mandatory reading for young adults so they understand today's drug epidemic."




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